Does your bag brand match your club(s)?



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    Well mine sort of does I guess. I have Taylormade woods & irons with an Adidas bag. (Taylormade/Adidas?) Works for me.

    Driver——TM M5 Tour 9-Hzrdus Black 6.0 75g
    3 wood—–RBZ Stage 2 Tour 14.5
    LTD D+ 80s
    Utility——Srixon Zu85 #2-Aldila NVS 105s
    Irons—–––TM P790 4-PW-Nippon Modus 3 Tour 120s
    Wedges—TM Milled Grind Raw 50* & 54-S400
    Wedges—Vokey SM7 58D
    Putter——Scotty Golo Black

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  • googlie_golfergooglie_golfer  38WRX Points: 30Members Posts: 38
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    Just checked - no there are no Datrek clubs or other equipment in my Datrek Bag.

    Just TM, Cobra, and Callaway clubs, with TM, Titleist and Srixon balls and FJ shoes.

    Not that the bag is logoed or anything.

    Color mattered - red and black to go with the red & black CG cart, and the price when it was on sale ($40 Canadian) sealed the deal.

    Typically don't care to have logo'ed stuff of any kind - if an equipment rep wants me to wear or play some stuff and wants me to advertise, I'd be happy to discuss.

    I personally don't care if others who want to "identify themselves" with a product - it's just not my style.

    I may roll my eyes at some of the extreme levels of branding some guys I see go to, but what the heck, it's their money.
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  • AtraynAtrayn Chicago 2152WRX Points: 166ClubWRX Posts: 2,152
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    Nope. I bought my cart bag because it had a "cooler" pocket for my brewskies!

    Now that I'm in AZ every cart comes with a cooler, so looks like I'm in line for a new bag!
    Hogan's's in plain sight but not for everyone...
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    2014 Taylormade SLDR S HL 3W 17deg Fujikura Speeder 65 R, shortened
    2017 Tour Edge Exotics 3H UST Mamiya 670 S
    2009 Callaway Xforged 3i w/ KBS tour S
    2012 Cobra Amp Forged 4-GW w/ Fujikura Pro i95 S
    2013 Miura forged 54 & 58 wedges - w/ DG Tour issue S
    Ping Cadence Rustler Traditional putter
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    Taylormade bag. Matches everything except putter and wedges
  • mljones99mljones99  1856WRX Points: 114Members Posts: 1,856
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    Mine doesn't right now (I have an Ogio) but I'm getting new Mizuno irons when they are released and I REALLY like the new Kuma cart bag that is coming out. Might pick that up so then yes, my bag would match my irons.
  • 96p99396p993  271WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 271
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    They didnt match when I bought the bag but they do now...I didnt give it much thought as the reason for purchasing the bag was the 14 way divider
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  • avragavrag  5217WRX Points: 161Members Posts: 5,217
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    It matches my irons most of the time, but that's coincidence. I used a Wilson Tour Elite trolley bag for years with Mizuno clubs in it. This (great) bag finally got damaged a bit, and when I got the Ping G25s, I also saw that the Ping Pioneer was the perfect successor for use on a Clicgear cart, so I got it.

    The Mizuno Neo or Rider II cart bags would have been great as well, but it is almost impossible to mount them on a Clicgear cart because of the external putter tube.
    I see a gap. There definitely is a gap.
  • avguyavguy Replacement Player Sonoran Desert, AZ 1094WRX Points: 132Members Posts: 1,094
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    I went with Bennington QO-12 cart bags for sanity with my forged irons. Their top holding design was the best I could find, and their competition like Kharma, Bag Boy Revolver, and Ogio Sync do not make clubs. I also play anywhere from 5-7 brands any time I go out. So one of those on the bag would be just more bizarre than I already am.

    Your Welcome.
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    D-Titleist 917 D2  or 910 D2                                                                                           D-Srixon Z355 
    5- Mizuno MP titanium                                                                                                    3-TM R11ti
    H-Titleist 915 H1 18, Titleist 816  H1 21, Bridgestone Precept ECU 25                        H-TM 2.0 SF 18 & 21, Cobra AC 25
    I - TM P790 or TM M5 5-PW                                                                                           I - Honma TW727M or Callaway R MBs  5-PW 
    W- Mizuno 52, Vokey SM6 58                                                                                       W- Mizuno 53, & 58
    P- Bellum Winmore Midi  787                                                                                         P-Guerin TS Black 370

  • dan360dan360 Paisano  5435WRX Points: 342Members Posts: 5,435
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    Mackenzie Walker when I feel traditional

    Ping L8 when I feel practical--no Ping clubs 'cept for an old B-60 that makes an appearance sometimes

    Mizuno Aerolite Micro when I feel like it. Then I'm a matching coordinated fanboy.
    WITB 29JUL2019
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  • UnTouchable_73UnTouchable_73  180WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 180
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    I have a TM pure lite 3.0 and it matched at the start of the season, but now I'm down to only one tm club. No worries though, still love the bag
    Titleist 915 D2
    Titleist 915 f 15*
    Callaway Apex 4-W
    Vokey 54* 58*
    Scotty Cameron Futura 6m
  • braby33braby33  184WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 184
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    Until today, my Nicklaus signature clubs primarily lived in a matching bag. Now they have a sun mountain C130 as their primary bag, but will probably wind up back in their own Nicklaus stand bag for non cart use. Now to continue diluting the Nicklaus clubs with other brands.
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  • clewallenclewallen  804WRX Points: 0Handicap: 5.9Members Posts: 804
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    Everything I have matches except my driver.. Titleist 14way, 712 MB, 913 3 wood and hybrid Scotty putter and a Taylor made burner TP driver.

    No reason in particular I just really enjoy their product... If I found something I likes better I'd get it.
  • is76550is76550  1313WRX Points: 108Members Posts: 1,313
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    Mine matches my irons because I really like the looks of the bag and I really like my irons that happen to be made by the same company.
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  • RonanraffRonanraff  233WRX Points: 1Handicap: 4Members Posts: 233
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    Mine matches my irons and woods, all Taylormade. It was on offer and I had some winner's money to be spent in the pro-shop, so bargain!!
  • Cuja444Cuja444  646WRX Points: 14Members Posts: 646
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    I got a Ogio stand bag and a Bag Boy cart bag. I first had nike everything then switched to taylormade and now im adding in some ping. I got over my clubs not matching now the only thing is that i need the colors of my clubs and headcovers to match my bag...
  • Ho11yw00dHo11yw00d  6WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 6
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    Right now my Irons, Driver, and wedges match the same bag I have had for a few years (Nike Carry I was given by my roommate on the college team) though, Christmas isn't too far away and I am deciding between C-130 or the Nike M9 II (cart it most of the time).
    Nike Sumo Driver 9.5° 4W, 5W
    Nike Blades - T.T.D.G. X100 (2-PW)
    Nike VR_S 54°
    Nike Forged LW 58°
    Odessey White Hot Pro
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  • Agent JimAgent Jim  2804WRX Points: 0Handicap: 13.9Members Posts: 2,804
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    My primary bag is a Ogio Chamber. Its a cart bag and works great on my Clicgear for my walking rounds. I also have a Sun Mountain C-130 my dad gave me. If for some reason I don't want to take my Clicgear I have a Ping 4 Under stand bag.
    TM SLDR 460 set to 10.5° 70g Aldila VS Proto 44"
    TM RBZ Stage 2 Tour 14.5° & 19°
    Maltby KE4 Tour 22° Hybrid
    PING G25 4-UW CFS
    Maltby M-Series+ 54° and sometimes 58°
    Odyssey White Ice #7 37" counter balanced and a SpryEvo TeCu insert
    WS FG Tour(2014) or ProV1x
  • NAM2212NAM2212  974WRX Points: 82Members Posts: 974
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    PING Hoofer without a single ping club in it. I even have a PING headcover on my SeeMore putter.
  • RedSideRedSide  827WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 827
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    Still using my Old Ping Hoofer, no Ping clubs to speak of. No reason to change....
  • Whodey-85Whodey-85  1310WRX Points: 99Members Posts: 1,310
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    Titleist 712 AP2's with a Titleist Mid-Size staff bag. I just love the mid-size staff bag. I have played Titleist irons since the DCI 's came out, but just started using the mid-size bag a few years ago.
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  • tocinotocino  2350WRX Points: 137Members Posts: 2,350
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    almost. Still waiting for a 910F 3 wood to get delivered and there are times when I would rather carry a 3-iron (AP2) over my v-steel 5 wood but I got a 14-way titleist stand bag yesterday so i could potentially carry an all titleist setup
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  • SurfinTurfSurfinTurf In like Flynn with my 8802  4466WRX Points: 3Members Posts: 4,466
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    Does the carpet match the drapes?

    Who cares!

    Just hit it!

    image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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  • xJO98xJO98  20WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 20
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    Not anymore, rolling Sun Mountain
  • cpriceAP2cpriceAP2 Club Champion  751WRX Points: 99Handicap: 2Members Posts: 751
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    All but my putter
  • Conrad283Conrad283 Wanna be player  705WRX Points: 0Handicap: 5.9Members Posts: 705
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    Ping bag user for 15 years or so and have only had a g2 from their line up. Currently have all titleist clubs in there
    TaylorMade M1 9.5º Fujikura Pro XLR8 Stiff
    Titleist 915Fd 15* GD p9003x
    Titleist 913Hd 18º D+ 90Hy X flex
    Titleist T-mb 4-9 DG S400 2º flat
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    Titleist Vokey V-grind 54.10 & 58.10 DG Hi-Rev Wedge+ 2º flat
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    OCD here. Have SLDR driver and Speedblade irons, so matched it with a crappy 2013 Taylormade bag. I think it's too bulky personally, with flaps that hang out the sides like gills which my car boot hates.. but oh well, guess it's the price you pay image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
    Driver: 915 D3 10.5 @ 12*
    Irons: Titleist 716 AP1
    Wedges: Vokey SM5
    Rescue: 915H 3
    Woods: Titleist Wood 916F
    Putter: Scotty Cameron Squareback
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  • capboomercapboomer love my covert  90WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 90
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    Nope, but the colors are spot on!
  • Gamble GambleGamble Gamble #TwistFaceExperience  3582WRX Points: 171ClubWRX Posts: 3,582
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    I have the ping bag that matches my Anser woods and driver. I like the black and grey leather-esque bag as my white fabric ping bag showed dirt really easy.
  • akrite4akrite4 Big Jack  146WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 146
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    I have an Ogio sprint bag
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  • pat007pat007 Long Ball Silver  526WRX Points: 0Unregistered Posts: 526
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    Everything in my bag matches my TaylorMade carry bag.

    Before you judge, I'm a TaylorMade staffer...

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