If you could pick who would you be sponsored by?



  • esketoresesketores Members Posts: 2,069
    Well since PING and Titleist encompasses the majority of my bag and has for many a year... I'll have to go with Glenmorangie. Or Donald Trump.
    PING G25 12 degree w/S+ @ 45"
    Titleist 910F 17° / 910h 24° & 27°
    Titleist 913Hd 20°
    PING G25's 6-U KBS Tour - V
    Cleveland RTX 53 / 588 56°
    Callaway ProType ix 9ht
  • Ampire2121Ampire2121 Members Posts: 586 ✭✭
  • borgore23borgore23 Members Posts: 791
    Mizuno for sure. I already LOVE their irons and wedges and then you have the freedom for woods, putter, and ball.
  • BNich0622BNich0622 Members Posts: 4,244
    PING because I already play their clubs and Footjoy because I love their clothing.
    G400 9* Motore Speeder 7.2 TS
    G400 14.5* Ping Tour 70s
    G400 17* Fuji Fuel 80s
    iBlade 3-9 Nippon Modus 3 105x
    Glide 2.0 STEALTH 46*, 52* 58*
    Ping Vault 2.0 ZB
  • Moose_HackMoose_Hack Members Posts: 222
    Titleist for sure.
  • rdmcdaidrdmcdaid Members Posts: 1,014
    Clubs: Ping

    Putter: Byron Morgan

    Ball: Titleist

    Shoes/ Glove: Footjoy


    Honourable mention

    Clubs:Titleist, Callaway


    Ping G30 9.0 Tour 80X
    Ping G25 4W
    Ping G30 21 7W Tour 65X
    Ping S55 4-PW S400
    Ping Eye2 Gorge S, L
    Byron Morgan DH89
  • EdMan63EdMan63 Members Posts: 243
    Ping or Titleist for me because that's all I've been playing. I do love Adidas clothing but can't get with TMAG as a whole. I tried the drivers (R11s, RBZ,R1) but always felt like I was giving in to the hype.
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    Callaway GBB Epic 15*
    Titleist 816H1 21*
    Titleist 816H1 23*
    Callaway Apex CF16 5-AW
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    SC Select Newport M1 mallet
  • Doc McstuffinsDoc Mcstuffins Members Posts: 2,295
    Easy answer....BRIDGESTONE! That way I would only have to play their irons and ball. I could wear RLX all day long and choose whatever shoe, woods, wedges and putter I want to play.
    PING G20 8.5 Di6-X
    PING G25 15* 7.3TS
    Adams VTS LSP 20* 8.8TS
    Titleist 712U 23*
    Bridgestone J40CB
    Fourteen RM12 51* 55* 59* S400
  • EJ MacEJ Mac Getting Closer Members Posts: 3,019
    Taylormade here I have always seemed to get along with most of their products.
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    RBZ Stage 2 Tour 16.5* HL Attas 7S
    909H 17*, 21* &24* V Steel
    5-GW Cobra Pro M/B 950g/h
    Cleveland 588 Tour Zip Grooves 54*
    34" C&L 355g Beached
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  • evoviiiyouevoviiiyou evoviiiyou Members Posts: 1,999 ✭✭
    Mizuno and RLX. If Ralph said no, then I would try to get a clothing deal with Nike and still play Mizuno irons.

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    Mizuno ST190TS 15/ Fuji Speeder TR 757S/ PURE Wrap BLK
    Mizuno JPX FliHi 19/ Modus Tour 130S/ PURE Wrap WHT
    Taylor Made P790 4-PW Modus Tour 130S/ PURE Wrap BLK
    Mizuno S18 Wedges 50&56/ Modus 120S/ PURE Wrap BLK
    SeeMore M1B/ Satin Black Conti Golf/ Super Stroke Slim CC

  • superscootkidsuperscootkid Members Posts: 124 ✭✭
    Clothes I would go with under aurmor and foot joy shoes. I don't where a glove so that settles that
  • g_olson10g_olson10 Members Posts: 115
    Cleveland its sooo solid and fj for sure!
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    Rocketballz Stage 2 Fuji Fuel X
    TaylorMade r11TP 18* DG TI x100
    R9TP PX 6.0
    Taylormade ATV 52* 56* 60* TI X100
    odyssey sabertooth2 super stroke 1.0
  • bwhitishbwhitish Members Posts: 400 ✭✭
    Ping 9.5 K15 with Serrano R
    Ping K15 3 Wood Stock R
    Ping G15 20 Stock R
    Ping G15 4-UW AWT R
    Ping Tour S 56 KBS Tour S
    Ping Anser 2 Karsten 1959
  • phase3golfphase3golf ACGolfwrx Members Posts: 725

    Yes because I would need some good wedges. Maybe Fleischmann's vodka http://milwaukee.cra...3803652718.html
    Yes! doesn't make wedges.

    Yes they do...
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    Srixon Z965 - Modus 3 120 TX
    Cleveland 588 50-54-58
    Cleveland HBC 3 Putter
  • TexMex36TexMex36 Unregistered Posts: 1,018
    Callaway. Great driver and fairway wood line up, irons look great, new wedge line up looks awesome, and of course Odyssey putters.
  • gocanucksfan123gocanucksfan123 Members Posts: 135
    +1 for image/smilie_Titleist.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':smilie_Titleist:' /> or image/smilie_nike.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':smilie_nike:' /> . Great clubs and balls all-around. I would pick Titleist over Nike though, because Titleist has better clubs, (IMO) than Nike throughout the whole bag (good drivers, hybrids, irons, and superb wedges and putters). I'd also have an option of wearing whatever clothes I want (Adidas FTW).
    Taylormade SLDR 9.5*
    Taylormade SLDR 15*
    Taylormade Tour Preferred MC/MB
    Titleist SM5 52*/56*/60*
    Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2
    Srixon Z-Star
  • DizzDizz J.W. Members Posts: 14,258
    edited Jul 4, 2013 #48
    Probably Titleist-- I would have different/fresh custom Vokey Hand Ground wedges and Cameron putters every week. I prefer the look of the Titleist and PING guys the best too. Not a fan of the Adidas look from head to toe.
    XHP 3-Deep (13)- 7.3X @ 43.5”
    X-Forged UT (#3- 21)- DG X700
    716MB (5-PW)- DG S400
    Vokey (TVD SM7 RAW 52 & SM6 RAW 58)- DG S400
    Cameron Napa California @ 34"
  • kwooten31kwooten31 Members Posts: 2,093
    Two years ago I would have said Taylormade, but now it would have to be Ping. I love everything they make, they have the woods, irons, wedges. and putters, heck even the hybrids are awesome. Right now I think Ping has it going on and they are smoking hot with all the designs they have out now. TM just has way to many driver releases that always make me feel like Im missing out.
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    TM SLDR 15° MRC Blueboard 73x5ct
    9031DF 20°~23° Altus Black Tie, ADDI 105
    Cally RAZR X Forged 5-AW, PX flighted
    Dynacraft CNC Forged 56°&60°
    Scotty Cameron Cali Monterey
  • _Swoosh__Swoosh_ Members Posts: 201
    Nike for me. Love the clubs and especially the clothes, I basically wear only nike anyway.
    Nike Vapor Pro 9.5* Speeder 757
    Nike VR Pro LTD 3 Wood RIP Phenom 80
    Nike VR Pro Combo CB (3-PW) X100
    Nike Engage 52 Sq, 56 TS, 60 TS
    Nike Rory 006 Prototype

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  • Auditor_KevinAuditor_Kevin Lifelong addict to the game of golf..... Members Posts: 890 ✭✭
    I'd love a JLindeberg sponsorship just so I could get some cool clothes. Plus it would keep me in shape since those cuts look bad fast when the waistline gets too big.

    Also, Netjets just for the private jet privileges.
    TaylorMade SLDR 460 12*+1* stock stiff
    Tour Exotics XCG 15*; Mizzuno 19* MP-650
    Callaway X-20 Tour 4 - PW; PX 6.0 shafts
    Titleist Vokey SM 52*, 56*, 60*
    Odyssey Teron, 35" Super Stroke 3.0
  • PingfitzPingfitz Members Posts: 754 ✭✭
  • ghabanosghabanos Members Posts: 357
    Titleist/Adidas ... Maybe Oakley.... But bubba recalled turned me off of this brand....
    913 D2 10.5, 913 Fd 15, 913 H 19
    2-4 712U, 5-6 714 CB, 7-PW 714 MB
    Vokey 52 bent to 53 M, 60 M Black Ox
    Putter: SC select newport
    +30 Handicap
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  • dmallidmalli Puma Freak Members Posts: 785
    Cobra. Cleveland. Callaway. In that order for choices for me.
  • CD17CD17 Members Posts: 465
    WT Door wrote:

    Ping or Titleist.

    Great line-ups top to bottom and neither insults the intelligence of consumers with ridiculous marketing claims.

    Same for me.
    Ping G400 Max 10.5°
    TaylorMade M2 16.5°
    TaylorMade M2 19°
    Ben Hogan PTx 22º 46º
    Ben Hogan Equlizer 50º
    Ping Eye 2 + SW
    Titleist Vokey SM6 58º
    Scotty Cameron Futura X6M
  • SchickSchick Members Posts: 632
    edited Jul 4, 2013 #56
    Cleveland for me. I could easily and happily play their clubs all throughout the bag, and I don't think I could say that for many other brands.
    Cobra Amp Cell 8.5* w/ Black Tie
    TEE XCG4 15* w/ Prolaunch Red
    Adams Super LS w/ KK Black 19*
    Mizuno JPX 800 4-GW w/S300
    Cleveland 588 RTX 56*
    Bettinardi Studio Stock 15
  • N236MJN236MJ Unregistered Posts: 56
    I despise TM, but I would choose them over any manufacturer simply for the money and exposure. Plus they seem to be lenient on what their pros prefer to play. I would enjoy a bag similar to Jason Day's with my suitable shaft flex. Also, my equipment would be far superior (tight tolerances) compared to any of their otr offerings. It's simply a no brainer best of both worlds, finally being able to justify a TM club in the bag.
  • PapaJohickPapaJohick ShortKnocker Bombs Charleston, SCMembers Posts: 4,475 ✭✭
    Nike because of great clubs and clothing is outstanding. Second choice would either be Cleveland/Srixon
    Forever Changing at this point.......
  • SpiritombSpiritomb Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should Members Posts: 698
    Callaway. But I would only play their japanese line of clubs.
    Callaway Diablo Octane 9.5*
    Callaway Diablo Octane 15*
    Callaway Diablo DRS 21* & 24*
    Custom Turbo Power FBS 6-PW
    Callaway Jaws CC 56 & 60
    Axis1 Umbra
  • JJensenJJensen MNWRX - FBefnD Members Posts: 2,819 ✭✭
    Mizuno with a Betti image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> and ProV1xs
    913D3 8.5* - Elements Chrome 7F5T
    BioCell+ 14.5* - VTS Silver TourSPX 8SX
    Z U45 18* - DG X100
    J40CB 3-P - DG Tour Issue X100
    SM5 52F and 58K -DG Tour Issue S400
    SC Monterey 1.5 - Blacked Out Pistolero
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  • GoldenhawkGoldenhawk Members Posts: 3,241

    pgadream wrote:

    Taylormade for sure, great clubs throughout the bag and the clothing is awesome
    I could never be sponsored by a company that makes their money off of deceiving people.

    So you eliminated all the big $$$ companies from your list.

    This thread is of course hypothetical. In the real world, you would play whatever company pays you the most.
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    Callaway GBB Epic, 15* 3-wood, Project X HZRDUS T800 65
    Callaway Diablo Edge Tour 18* 5-wood, Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Redboard 73
    Callaway Apex CF16 Irons, 4 to AW, True Temper 95 XP S300
    Titleist Vokey Wedges, 56* and 60*, M Grind, True Temper Dynamic Gold S200
    Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2
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