Classic Mizuno irons

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As a change from the usual programming of Mac, Hogan and Wilson - can we discuss foreign affairs please?

I have a set of 1980s Mizunos. 2 - SW are TP Originals, but the 1 iron is a TP9. It's hard to make comparisons, but it looks to me as if the TP Originals were made with a sharper leading edge, flatter sole and less bounce. The TP9, based on a sample of 1, appears to have more camber front to back in the sole, and more bounce.

Can anyone confirm if these observations held right through the set?


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    I do believe you are right,I had a look at both sets of TP-9's,a set of Pro-Original and a set of MP-4's which are like Originals but satin finish and shorter ferrules.

    TP-9 definitely have a different sole grind,Originals and Mp-4 much flatter,the TP-9 also appear to have more **** to toe relief.

    I tried to take pictures but results not clear enough to show the difference.

    I'm sure Seve played the Originals for a time,mine have the really long ferrules which tend to make them look a bit old fashioned whereas the MP-4 look quite modern still.

    Faldo won his first Claret Jug with blank TP-9's,he maybe had some input into the different grind.

    Very nice irons and great quality,do you play them often?
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    Thanks Okesa - great to get some decent feedback!

    Yes - the ferrules are long. So much so that, on the longer irons, they get in the way on my loft and lie machine.

    I don't play them as often as maybe I should. I grew up playing a set of titleist blades, and I remember hitting a pal's TP11s and I couldn't believe how good they felt. The titleists aren't bad clubs - but these were something else.

    I always kept an eye out for a set of 9s, 11s or 19s from that era. Didn't really like the look of the 18s. Then a set of Originals came up locally for a great price. We've never really gelled though. When I got them, they were up against Hogan Apex PCs and I always found the supposedly hard to hit PCs much easier than the Mizzies. I think the Hogans advantage (for me) could be the lighter shaft. I've since got some Apex IIs as well, and I seem to hit both sets of Hogans (one regular flex and one stiff) better than the Mizunos with a heavier Dynamic Gold R shaft.

    I was very close earlier in the year to ordering up a set of Dynalite shafts (supposedly a match for the Apex shaft) to try in the Mizunos - but got distracted by the Apex IIs instead! Also been taking lessons and working on my swing this year - so still hoping that I might come out the other end with a technique that can better handle the heavier shafts.

    Re. the TP9s - I remember Faldo playing that muscleback design, out of a Wilson staff bag! I've heard though that he was very demanding in terms of his personal grind - so I'm not sure that what he was playing ever found its way into the model on the shelf. On the other hand, I seem to recall Olazabal also being amongst the first to play them on tour, and the marketing of the time claiming that he'd been involved in the development. No bad thing in itself, as Olly is still up there in my mind as one of the purest strikers of an iron that I've seen in person.
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    Yes,at his best Olly was one of the best iron players ever,if only his driving had been more consistent he would probably have won loads more,fantastic short game and,an excellent putter.

    I have rarely felt sicker than when watching the travesty of that Ryder Cup when that crowd of morons ran all over the green with Crenshaw watching.So much for his 'respect' for the game,he was desperate not to lose and the correct gesture after the mayhem,would have been to have conceded Olly's putt and apologised.

    I've fallen in and out of love with Mizuno over the years,I was always gutted by the fact that they didn't produce the Faldo TP-19 in left hand,funnily enough this week I have dragged out the MP-4's to regrip and start using again,I had a test drive on the beach the other morning hitting 8-irons and it was good.I must add that I'm not like Seve used to be at Pedrena,picking them cleanly off the sand,I take a little astro-turf mat to tee them up on!

    Likewise with the TP-18's,didn't ever like them but the Originals are in my mind one of the best looking and classic blades ever.
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    With regard to the premature celebration, my only defense, albeit a very weak one, is that our boys were suffering from something akin to Mad Hatters syndrome brought on by the wearing of those gawd awful shirts.
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    Aye,mebbe so sithee,I remain convinced that Crenshaw was out of his skull judging by the glazed expression and gibberish nonsense that he talked,I had previously admired Crenshaw for his often expressed love of the game and its great traditions,the reality turned out to be verbal dysentery.

    Don't we all remember Jack conceding Jacko's putt in the Ryder Cup?Took more courage to concede that make him putt but what a great moment.

    Hey,I'm not blaming the American nation,just Ben Crenshaw so please don't take it personally unless you were there wearing high heels across Olly's line! Grrrrrrr!
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    It takes some serious double coverage to have a Wilson bag and fill it with Mizunos -

    The TZoid True was the iron model Sir Nick had Mizuno grind for him. Yes, RH ONLY..

    (Strangely, the current Cobra forged iron is close to this Mizuno TZoid True grind, but there might be very few LH models)

    Granted, JMO did not get any love on the 17th green at TCC in Brookline in '99- this years US Am location- JMO was 4 up over Justin Leonard after 11....

    Didn't JMO also win the Masters with a set of MacGregor irons ground by Don White? (Of course, Norman was using Don White ground Cobras too...)

    Of course, there might be a known mint set of original Mizuno MP-4s (2-Sw) around somewhere.....along with a LH Mizuno TN-87 ...

    but you already have those pictures.

    PS.. Wasn't last years Ryder Cup....with the ghost of Seve......Redemption for '99?
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    Beg to differ maestro,the subject has been dealt with in detail in a monster thread on this site and the blank TP-9 heads can be seen in photo and archive footage.

    Redemption? Yes,I guess so,I suppose that I'm a bit too old fashioned to be able to approve of the antics that are commonplace today,I can't imagine Ben Hogan or Jack Nicklaus yelling "Come ooooooon!" in the eye-popping,fist-pumping,gargoyle-facing style of Ian Poulter and the apparent need to whip the masses into a frenzy.

    I prefer the style and grace of the old timers who let their clubs do the talking and were happy to raise a hand or tip their cap but of course,that doesn't make such good TV and who cares about good manners,courtesy and behaviour?

    Yes,thanks for reminding me about the TN-87's,I thought I had managed to get over them but I'll look forward to another sleepless night!Oh!Not forgetting the Colokroms either!
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    Save for the M80s and the MT Colokroms with the "TP" logo, the GAP Collection puts everything else to shame....

    You saw the LH MacGregor Ben Hogans....even Hogan didn't make LH persimmon woods.

    to say nothing of

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    The Hogans....

    The Nelsons...

    The Demarets....

    The Pennas....(Toney and Charles)

    the 653s...

    the 693s... (YES.. LH)

    the 202s....

    Bruce Herd....

    even Will Sime BAPs....

    and Wilsons.... Willie Hoare....

    am almost finished.....


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