GolfWRX Giveaway! Custom $2,000+ Damascus Steel MACHINE Putter! Enter Here!



  • viperstudioviperstudio Members Posts: 1,580 ✭✭
    M10 mini, center shafted.
    TI M2 (2016) 8.5° AD-GP 6x (Adams Fast 12 LS 7.5° backup)
    TI M2 (2016) 13.5° TS AD-GP 7x
    TM P790 2 UDI bent 16° [font=futura-pt, sans-serif]KBS Tour Hybrid Graphite Prototype 95X [/font] (TI RSi TP UDI 1MRC Kuro Kage Silver 90HY TX backup)

    TM P790 3-PW NS Pro Prototype 2F15 S
    TI TM Milled GRIND 52° and 59° KBS Tour Nickel Black X-Stiff
    TI Bullseye Tour Putter
  • tjumper78tjumper78 Fore Members Posts: 1,885
    MACHINE Putter M9 Converter with Short Hand Bent Hosel. Blue Anodized Aluminum. Right Handed. UST FF Shaft. 34". 70* Loft.

    thank you for the giveaway!
  • Diesel_z06Diesel_z06 Members Posts: 573 ✭✭
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    This!!! 33 inches, right handed loft and lie are irrelevant, I would Make it work lol

    This putter is perfection, wow... I actually made it my iPad wallpaper
  • d1nesd1nes Members Posts: 5
    34" M20 Converter w/ Square Cut Plumbers Hosel RH please!!! Lie angle 71˚ and loft angle 3˚! What an amazing giveaway! This is incredible!
  • JPNC1977JPNC1977 Members Posts: 529 ✭✭
    Unreal craftsmanship. Here are my specs:

    - 33.5 RH M2A Heavy Blade Back

    - Square cut plumbers neck

    - Acid etch

    - Black sight line

    - Yin yang sight dot on the top line

    - Engraving on the bottom of a baby chick and the initials of my soon to be born daughter
  • hestrada77hestrada77 Members Posts: 206 ✭✭
    • 34" Machine putter M2A - Plumber Neck - Blade Back
    • Hand torched oil quenched
    • Aerotech Steel Fiber Shaft
    • Right Handed
    • 3 degrees standard loft
    • 71 degrees standard lie

  • highergr0undhighergr0und Members Posts: 10,136 ✭✭
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    Wow...... what a giveaway.

    M20 Converter, stubby plumber's neck, hand torch / oil quench, 3* loft, 70* lie angle, right handed, standard shaft. Do you guys still do the aluminum grips? That would be sweet.

    In terms custom specs, I would like this putter not to be built for a few months. My wife is 6 mos pregnant and I want the putter to have the initials and birthday of the new baby. We don't know what we're having, so I can't finalize the specs quite yet.
  • howeberhoweber Members Posts: 823 ✭✭
    34" Ajustable weight custom Bullseye. Sight line on topline. Round golf pride tour wrap.
  • rvgolferrvgolfer Members Posts: 533
    M9 Converter, Damascus steel with short bend hosel with Hand Torched and Oil Quenched

    Dog and Ball logo

    Right Hand

    Blue Paint Line

    Aerotech Steel Fiber shaft

    Machine Reverse Arch grip

    Standard Lie and Loft

  • OOVIIOOVII Members Posts: 370 ✭✭
    MACHINE Putter M20 Converter with Half Offset Goose Neck with Hand Torched Oil Quenched Finish.

    35.75 inches, 370g, 68 lie, 2 loft.

    Deep milling and sight dot.

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Callaway Sub Zero 9.5 Graphite Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6
    TEE CB4 13* Attas 3
    Srixon Z945 4- pw PXi 6.0
    Callaway XR Pro 18* Veylix Alpina
    Vokey TVD Tour Issue Raw 50, 55, 60
    Byron Morgan DH 89 welded recon neck
    Machine M10 with stubby neck
    Snell MTB

    Dream BIG...dare to fail.[/font]
  • Kratus977Kratus977 #TeamJetSpeed Members Posts: 589 ✭✭
    Right hand

    35 inch

    Machine Putter M2A

    Plumber Neck - Heavy Fat Back,

    Acid etch

    Lie angle 71˚ and loft angle 3˚

    Black super stroke 2.0
    Callaway Epic 9.0 MRC S+
    PING G30 3w Tour 80
    Titleist 816H1 hybrids: 18*, 22* & 26* MRC S+
    PING G30 irons: 6 - P Nippon MODUS³ Tour 105
    PING Glide Wedges: 50* SS, 54* SS, & 60* ES

    Scott Cameron Fastback 2.0
    Member of TeamJetSpeed - Dec 2013
  • choeppnerchoeppner MACHINE Putters Sponsors, Charter Members Posts: 10,298

    Wow...... what a giveaway.

    M20 Converter, stubby plumber's neck, hand torch / oil quench, 3* loft, 70* lie angle, right handed, standard shaft. Do you guys still do the aluminum grips? That would be sweet.

    In terms custom specs, I would like this putter not to be built for a few months. My wife is 6 mos pregnant and I want the putter to have the initials and birthday of the new baby. We don't know what we're having, so I can't finalize the specs quite yet.


    We do still make the Milled Aluminum Grips image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />



    Please feel free to contact me at:
    [email="[email protected]?subject=MACHINE%20Putters"][email protected][/email]
  • waaayrightwaaayright Members Posts: 113

    M20 Converter w/ half offset gooseneck, blade back flange, site dot.

    Dog and ball on face at heel.

    33.5", 69*,

    Hand torched/ oil quenched.

  • kwooten31kwooten31 Members Posts: 2,093
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    Anser style head

    360 grams

    Slight to full toe hang

    Flow neck

    Two adjustable weights on the sole to go up or down in weight

    Half shaft offset


    Deep milled face

    Snow on the bumpers

    High polished finish Damascus steel

    Black/white superstroke 17" grip

    Initials stamped on face in toe area

    Any stampings in the cavity that represent

    Machine in cavity flat black paint fill

    TM SLDR 11° Fujikura Fuel 60
    TM SLDR 15° MRC Blueboard 73x5ct
    9031DF 20°~23° Altus Black Tie, ADDI 105
    Cally RAZR X Forged 5-AW, PX flighted
    Dynacraft CNC Forged 56°&60°
    Scotty Cameron Cali Monterey
  • adamsstaffadamsstaff Members Posts: 340 ✭✭
    I would kill for the M9 converter head, with plumbers kneck in bronze! Super stroke slim grip! Thanks for the contest guys.. I might have to buy the one on the website regardless! Beautiful putters/
  • drifter12drifter12 Members Posts: 1,301
    wow, the ultimate flatstick giveaway.. here's my dream machine image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />:

    M20 Converter with Double Bend Shaft over Stud, Right Handed 34" with torched Oil Quench finish, half offset. Standard loft/lie, Salty grip and all paintfill in black!

    thank you!
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  • booglezbooglez Members Posts: 232
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    M2a Plumbers Plumbers neck

    Blade Back


    High Polish Damascus Steel Finish

    Standard Logo Grip


    Deep Milled Face

    Initials on heel side of back bumper

    Interchangeable weights on bottom, 15g standard.

    Red/White Paintfill

    Left handed!!
  • scratchgolf95scratchgolf95 Tour Tested Tour Proven Members Posts: 114 ✭✭
    34" M20

    Damascus steel

    medium short half offset plumber neck

    360 grams

    acid etch finish
  • dale4acedale4ace Members Posts: 943 ✭✭
    wow what a contest! thanks wrx and dogleg right!

    my choice would be:


    damascus steel, 34", 69.5* lie angle, 3* loft, righthanded!
    // G30 10.5* // cb4 15* // i25 17* //
    // S55 4-PW // engage 52* / 56* / 60*
    // Redwood Anser //
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  • TylanthusTylanthus Members Posts: 378 ✭✭
    M2A Converter - Deep bite bongo back - Disco ball hand bent hosel. Rainbow finish.

    32.5" and 365g... and a touch shy of face balanced. Holy grail.
  • Lefty19Lefty19 Members Posts: 269
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    For the LOVE OF GOD if this could be in LH:

    [background=rgb(248, 248, 248)]M4 Meritage Deep Bongo Back Art Putter in Billet Copper and Hot Sauce Finish [/background]

    [background=rgb(248, 248, 248)]BUT with Hand Bent Shaft over Stud Hosel.[/background]

    Throw in the
    • “Closer” Adjustable Arc-Balance weighting technology available in either model.

    [background=rgb(248, 248, 248)]-David[/background]
  • stpR6stpR6 Members Posts: 58
    M20 Converter

    - Medium Short Plumber Neck

    - Heavy Fat Back

    - Torched and oil quenched

    - Right hand, 33", 68*

    - Black SuperStroke Slim 3.0
  • IH823PUTTIH823PUTT Members Posts: 674 ✭✭
    Machine M20, welded Centre shaft, disco ball hosel, acid etch finish w/ a blue flame torched finish, aluminum grip, 34", UST frequency filtered shaft. Woooopa! Thanks for the unreal give away Machine!
    Cobra F9 8* w/ TBD
    Titleist F3.05 w/ Pro95, X
    Fourteen Proto 2i w/ DG X100
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    Mizuno MP-18 SC 4-6, MP-18 MB 7-PW
    Don White Custom 52* & 58* w/ DG AMT T.I., S400
    Bettinardi BB34 Tour Stock w/ Tungsten Weights

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  • HuntsterHuntster Members Posts: 1,046
    M2A Deep Bite Bongo Back



    Face balanced (not sure what hosel achieves this on this putter just don't like center shafted plesae)

    Alignment dot on topline
  • sherpts82sherpts82 Members Posts: 24

    Right / 34"

    Standard Loft/Lie

    Alignment Marks: line in cavity
  • meganharold124meganharold124 Members Posts: 180
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    I would love a M2A - SHAFT OVER STUD - HEAVY FAT BACK 33", 375 gram, standard loft and lie, deep mill face, no sightlines, with acid etch finish. Thanks so much for the opportunity!!!!!!!!
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    Cleveland Mashie FW 3 & 5 Woods
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    Ping BeNi Scottsdale Anser
  • wk96789wk96789 ClubWRX Posts: 63
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    M2A Damascus medium short plumbers neck 34" , 70° lie, 3.0° loft
    Titleist 917 D3 8.5° GD TP-6<br />Titleist 917 F3 13.5° GD MJ-7<br />Titleist 816 H1 17° GD GT-85<br />Miura CB57 KBS Tour<br />Titleist TVD 50M 54M 58K KBS Tour<br />Odyssey MxM #7
  • crew_138crew_138 Lefty Boomers Posts: 1,337
    I want this in a left-hand version... that is all (wow)
  • bwil8880bwil8880 Members Posts: 1,006 ✭✭
    34.5"m2a long neck heavy fat back. Hand torches oil quenched. Dog & ball logo. Dot on top line. Blue fill.

    Cally XR 9* Diamana Ilima 60x
    Cally 815 14* Diamana D+ 70x
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    Odyssey WHP Havok
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  • myspinonitmyspinonit Members Posts: 2,795 ✭✭
    Machine Putter M2A-Modular Centre Shaft Over-Beefy Back (set at Mallet profile)

    Right handed


    Standard loft

    Damascus steel

    3Gen grip

    UST FF shaft
    Ping G400 SFT Driver 12° Kuro Kage Silver Dual Core TiNi 60
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    Ping Ping G 7 wood 20.5° Alta 65
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    Scotty Cameron Futura 5 CB 34”

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