Anyone using a Heavy Putter?

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or tried one in the past?
Wondering if anyone is using or has used a Heavy Putter? I noticed it has a few wins on the Nationwide Tour this year. Your thoughts...?


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    i putted around with one at my local golf galaxy. it had a surprisingly soft feel and gave you a more consistant stroke on it, but still not enough to get me to replace what i got in my bag right now
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    I tried it at a golfmart and liked the feel for short putts. I didn't do lag putts with it, but many people say it is not good for long putts. It's really heavy.
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    I would buy one, if it didnt make my golf bag twice as heavy
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    I used one for a while. It has a very soft feel to it (surprisingly). I could never get any consistency with long putts. Short putts were pretty simple. It really eliminates your wrists from the putting stroke. It is so heavy, your shoulders do all of the work. I also had a problem with really fast downhill short putts with break (not that they are ever easy). I ended up using it as a practice aid. Good Luck. Great putter if you have the yips on short putts. matt
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    I agree with a lot of the posts made above, I as well tried it at an Edwin Watts. It does have a very soft feel, and defenitely does what it is advertised to do. I was very surprised how heavy they actually are, they weigh a ton! For me, it helped relax the muscles in the arms and promoted a putting stroke that used all shoulders. I also found that longer putts you don't have to hit hard at all, it really gets the ball moving really quick, which is why if I did put one in the bag, I would have to sepnd a lot of time trying to grasp the feel of lag putts, but I would defenitely give these putters a look. Short putts are almost automatic, but it is defenitely a new feel to the putting stroke image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':drinks:' />

    Cheers, Bryan
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    Thank for the replys. I love you all!!!!! Seriously, I play on a course that is notorious for slow greens and I think a Heavy Putter may come in handy. Would you think the same? I'm just a little guy
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    hugs31079 wrote on Oct 23 2005, 02:01 AM:
    Thank for the replys.  I love you all!!!!!  Seriously, I play on a course that is notorious for slow greens and I think a Heavy Putter may come in handy. Would you think the same? I'm just a little guy

    I hate to say it but I think the opposite is true with this putter. On greens that are really slow, it is hard to make such a long backswing with only your shoulders. Really slow greens almost force your wrists to get involved and this putter is not made for wristy strokes. Your best bet is to try and demo one at your course. good luck. matt
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    Agree 100% with Matt 411. This is not better for slow greens. It's best on fast greens.

    I probably have the most experience with this putter of the posts I've seen. I've played it for about 1/2 a season. IMO one of the best putters made. It takes getting used to for the long putts. It's not that you can't learn to lag them and actually, once you are used to it, I find it MUCH easier to lag. I actually can't seem to putt with anything else anymore. There's enough feel to know where on the face you hit it. The thing it does the best though is the impact experience. It's so heavy that it really doesn't deflect at impact when you don't hit the center of the face. As a result, the ball still rolls straight.

    I could go on and on because its had that big an impact on my putting game. It's a great putter.
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    i have a heavy putter, note a scotty heavy putter and I love it. D-6 swing weight, ince and heavy but not too much. Being biased like I am I would suggest a 33'' 350g scotty of some kind, cant beat a nice scotty.
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    putting one in the bag very soon. I love it.
  • i think that the heavy putter is a very nice thought. Whenever i'm struggling with my putting stroke i always go back to a mallet because it helps my allignment and getting the ball started on the right line. I used the Futura as my go to putter for a long time, but the heavy putter definately works well when the stroke isn't doing to well. It seems like a lot of you guys dislike it for longer putts, personally i kind of like it. It seems like the weight keeps me from getting too quick on the follow through, i get a much straighter roll and a more consistant stroke, which helps distance control.
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    I love the concept but for me it is taken a little too far. I used a proto center shafted mallet for a while and it worked very well but I found that it was just a little too heavy. I had David Mills make me a custom putter with a 400 gram head and put a 110 gram Balance-Certified weight in the butt. For me this is perfect been in the bag about a year now and my putting has never been better.
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    I've got the A1 center shafted model and really like it.
  • i have putted around with one awhile back and i seemed to lose alot of feel. more of a mechanical stroke which could be good for the short ones.
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    with the heavy putter i was money with short putts and it seemed impossible to jab at the putt. THe only downside is the weight which is a burden considering i carry
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