Thinking about a new computer. .input?

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I'm thinking about a new laptop and was wondering if any fellow wrx'ers with computer knowledge would be kind enough to give input.

Im looking at a laptop and I've already done some research and have some components picked out and wouldn't mind opinions on everything.

I don't use my current laptop for gaming at all. It's more that I have over 100 movies and just north of 17000 pieces of music on a couple of hard drives and at times end up using 5 or more media programs at the same time. I'm looking to set something up to where it won't get bogged down and I don't have to worry about upgrading much for 5 or 6 years at least.

I'm looking at an Asus ROG g750jh with blu ray burner and 32gb of ram.

I will probably be replacing the 2 ssd's and hdd with Samsung 840 pro ssd's. 2 of those being 128gb versions in the stock raid 0 configuration with just the OS on it (not sure if I want windows 7 or 8 yet,and may setup a dual boot with Linux mint) and the 3rd being a 512gb for my programs.

I was Also looking to get 4 1TB Samsung 840 evo ssd's and set them up externally and connected via thunderbolt in a raid 0+1 configuration. Would move my current data over to these drives and save all new data to them as well. I've also looked at Promise's Pegasus R4 that offers tthunderbolt and raid 6 configuration which really appeals to me.

maybe overkill? I'm currently only on 4gb ram and a 32 bit system and externally connected to my hdd's via USB 2.0. Remember, the goal is to be able to handle anything I throw at it for some time.

Thanks for any input. I know it's a golf forum but surely I'm not the only geek on here and have noticed that we have quite a few brainy members on here.
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    Those ASUS gaming laptops are hardcore and will do just about anything.

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    That's what I'm after though. I'd rather not compromise much up front in exchange for not having to upgrade once I've got it all together.
    hit is with so much authority
    that when you find it
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