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Driver: Wishon 919THI, 10° loft (stamped 9°), 44-3/8" UST Mamiya VTS Red 7x shaft.

'GONZO' Wood: Wishon 919THI HL, 14° loft, 42-3/4" Aldila NV 85x shaft.

Hybrid: Wishon 775HS, 18° loft, 40-3/4" Wishon Tour Gold shaft (stiff).

3 & 4-irons: Wishon 575MMC (cavity back), True Temper DynaLite Gold SL shaft (S300)

5-iron: Wishon 575MMC (cavity back), Wishon Stepless Steel shaft (stiff)

6-iron thru PW: Wishon 575MMC (muscle back), Wishon Stepless steel shaft (stiff)

Sand Wedge: Edel Golf Driver Grind, 52° loft, 16° bounce. 36" long Nippon WV 125 shaft

Lob Wedge: Edel Golf Digger Grind, 60° loft, 27° bounce, 35-1/2" long Nippon WV 125 shaft

Putter: Edel Golf Columbia Custom Made. 3° loft, 74° lie angle. Edel round putter grip

Grips: PURE Grips P2 Wrap (red)














My clubs are MOI fitted, matched and balanced.

My Driver comes in at 2,825 MOI. The 'Gonzo' Wood comes in at 2,805. The Hybrid at 2,775. The irons and wedges are at 2,725.

The shaft + grip weight of all my clubs (outside the putter) weighs 60% of the club head's weight. This means a lighter shaft in the 3 & 4 irons and then using counterweights in the shorter clubs and in my driver and Gonzo Wood. This allows the longer irons to launch higher and spin more while the shorter irons get more of a penetrating ball flight.

I had an Edel Belly Putter and took the shaft and trimmed it to 35 inches. This makes for a very heavy shaft (200 grams), but I really lie the feel and performance of the modified putter.

Lastly, I use a 52* wedge as my Sand Wedge. I feel with the grind made by Edel, I can more easily hit this around the green and the 52* loft and longer shaft allow me to hit it about 120-125 yards, which is nicely gapped from my PW which I hit about 135 yards. I really love the Nippon WV 125 wedge shaft. It comes in heavy after trimming and that helps with getting a penetrating ball flight and has that great Nippon feel to it.

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