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    Question for you Hogan analysts: I've watched dozens of Hogan videos. It occured to me that his incredible core, hips and torso turn through the ball caused his right foot to rise up rather than his foot being "kicked" towards the target and eventually dragged left. Is this the right cause and effect?

    The reason I ask is that I had an argument with a Ballard devotee and he is adamant that Hogan began his downswing with a kick of the right foot. I think it moves the way it did as a result of the hard recoil of his lower body action.

    Both of you are probably right...the issue is WHICH part of Hogan's career you're talking about.

    Hogan had a very "leggy" swing in his early career and it was probably one (of many) thing(s) that contributed to his problems with the snap hook.

    Later in his career---especially after the bus accident---his leg action is much quieter and his swing motion more rotary. Some have argued that the level of disability that the accident left him with was instrumental in simplifying his motion...and making it more consistent.
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    I think he pushed off pretty hard with that right instep. Didn't Venturi say he had a wedge in his shoe so the inside of his right foot was lower that the outside of it? He says he got that idea from Hogan. Not sure if Hogan himself did that...but def the extra spike let him get more grip so he could push off it and pork it with gusto!

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