ARCHIVE from LIVE Q&A with Scott Piercy, Tuesday, March 25



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    QMany wrote:

    Thank you for taking the time to visit GolfWRX and answer questions. I really enjoyed the last conversation we had with Kevin Streelman.

    How long does it take for you to scout a new track? What are the steps to preparing for a new course/tournament? What advice would you give amateurs preparing and playing in tournaments?

    What course has the toughest greens on Tour? What course is toughest off the tee?

    Do you like to test a lot of equipment, or do you find something and stick with? What is the testing like to fit something in your bag?

    i feel like after 4-5 times of looking at a course i have a good feel for it. main thing in learning courses is knowing the greens and areas around them. i test things but not much beats out my gamers. if its better then it get in the bag.
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    NTKT10 wrote:

    Scott, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, hope the healing process goes quickly for you. How often do you spend time working on fundamentals like your grip, posture, alignment, ball position, etc. and do you have a tips for the rest of us? What are some things (or nothing) that you tend to struggle with or lapse into bad habits?

    everytime i practice i work on those things. my alignment is the hardest for me. i tend to aim too far right
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    What is one thing you wish you would have known 15 years ago as a player that you know now?
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    Do you think the pivotal moment to propel you to the tour was when you came back on the back nine to win the "Big Stakes" event against Ken Jarner at the Wynn.

    i think it was a chain of events but that was in the chain
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    Thanks for joining us Scott!

    Im curious, while most of us would do anything for a shot to be on the PGA tour...what have you found is the hardest thing about the grinds of being on tour?
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    CircleC29 wrote:

    Thanks for taking the time from your busy schedule to be here on GolfWRX!

    Q: What piece of equipment have you added to your bag recently that has helped your game the most? And what is your best piece of advice for amateurs regarding practice?


    the lazer putter for praticing my putting. quality before quantity
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    HI Scott,

    Could you comment on the trend of drivers getting longer and longer from the OEM's. How long is your driver? What is standard on tour? How long would you suggest a mid single digit handicap player play their driver length at?

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    What does your pre-round warm up consist of ? Do you do any putting/chipping drills before you go out or just focus on warming up and getting a feel?

    obviously hitting balls to get a feel and get loose. usually a few chips and then i putt but generally not any drills really. i might a chalk line on a green and work on that for a few min.
  • tssgj65tssgj65 Members Posts: 60
    Q1. What style of grind are you using on your 60?

    Q2. Do the Aztecs have a chance against Arizona????
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    dan250yds wrote:

    Hey there Scott, question I would ask you is what advice can you give on a practice routine for the summertime?

    depends on how good u want to be. if you want to make the tour then if the sun is up u should be practicing.
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    WVP wrote:

    Thanks for your time. Who are your favorite fellow pros to play with and why?

    for some reason i really like playing w carl petterson. really good dude and has a funny caddy too
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    seve1972 wrote:

    Why do you still use the older model 690s??....would you ever switch? What are the swing weights of your irons now?

    swing weight D4. yes i would switch if i found better. i still use because i use weak lofts and the bounce fits the lofts the right way. new irons are too strong so when i bend to correct lofts the bounce is off.
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    Txstcatman wrote:

    Hi Scott, and welcome to WRX!

    What advice would you give to the "Average Joe" who wants to find a way to save strokes in their game? Where would you tell them to focus their time in practice?

    Also, do you ever just stop at a course and play a round with strangers in a random grouping just because you felt like getting in a round? If so, when will you next be in Austin? :-)

    practice more from 100yards in to save more strokes. no i generally dont i get enough golf in! lol
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    Thank you! It is awesome to see a Professional take time out of his schedule to interact with Forum Members!

    It's a polarizing topic around here.... And maybe you won't want to touch it...

    How much impact do you feel your Caddie ( Caddy ) has on your game?

    depends on the day. caddies can help alot and they can hurt alot too!
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    cphrey wrote:

    Lots of great questions in here! I am anxious to hear answers to them, but also would like you to comment on putting practice, and some good drills you do that we could try ourselves. Thanks Scott!

    i recently got the lazer putter and that really helped me alot. 3ft 4ft 5ft is a good drill
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    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for answering our questions. Are there any clubs you're currently testing to see if the can make it in the bag? Are there any clubs in your bag that might be on the chopping block?
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    OUZO Power wrote:

    Scott get well man.

    Question: I also play with the baseball grip. Actually a modified 10 finger grip. I dont overlap or cross the two fingers. Are we missing out with this grip as fir as control and distance? if not why dont more use it? What are the drawbacks of going with a 10 finger grip?

    i dont think so you have to be comfortable when you play and if your comfortable there are no drawbacks
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    Two questions if you don't mind. 1st do you feel practicing putting will help someone who's problem is green reading not the mechanics of the stroke? 2nd Do you think as I do the networks exaggerate how far you guys hit your drives to create viewer interest?
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    GoIrish17 wrote:

    Hey, Scott, thanks for stopping in to chat with us equipment dorks! I have a question or two... First, the ten finger baseball grip- how many times has someone tried to switch it, and how did that go? How many Burner fairways do you have stashed, do you have a source, or are you riding the same ones till they die? Best of luck in the future, and speedy recovery from the injury!

    no one has tried to change it andthey wouldnt be able to anyway. my current coach didnt notice for 2 years. i have 4-5 stashed away
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    xThor wrote:

    Thanks for doing this!

    How important is testing new equipment, and at what point do you decide to put new equipment into competitive play?

    Pro's perspective when fan's yell random outbursts?

    What is the reaction of a pro to statements made by others. (Obviously the Patrick Reed comment about "top 5" was a big media frenzy)

    What is your favorite course you've played?

    How has rehabbing an injury effected your routine, and what has it changed about your game.

    again, thanks!

    lotsa questions lol

    if the new equipment is better then it goes in

    i generally laugh at randon stuff

    pros reaction differ i think they shouldnt interview you right after u win on the last green cuz your not in the right frame of mind to make a correct public statement

    my injury has changed my game by not touching a club for a couple and my routine now is watching tv
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    In your opinion:
    • Who is the longest on Tour?
    • Who is the best putter?
    • Who has the best short game?
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    jabrch wrote:

    Scott, what (and why?) are your 3 favorite courses you have played on the PGA Tour?

    tpc scottsdale cuz i play well there

    montreaux cuz i won there

    hamilton cc cuz i won there
  • AP2 712AP2 712 Members Posts: 5,509 BST Banned
    How come you no longer use Michael Collins as a caddie?
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    Hi Scott,

    I believe everyone struggles somewhat with this game, whether he is Touring professional or a high handicapper. How do you keep yourself from getting frustrated when things go a bit south?

    Thanks for your time!

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    chiguy wrote:

    Big thanks to Scott for doing this. Such a cool gesture!

    What has been the biggest challenge/surprise since you turned pro? Is there anything that you really didn't anticipate?

    How much interaction do you have with other tour players off the course?

    What is the process of testing new equipment, whether it be with Titleist or another OEM? Can you pretty much get your hands on anything you want? Do you borrow it and return it to the tour van or rep after a certain amount of time?

    Thanks again!

    nothing too terribly crazy. we see each other alot and probly trying to get away from each other off the course.

    when it comes to testing they try to mstch whats currently in the bag and then go from there. pretty much anything but Titleist is my choice. generally we dont return if we keep it. if they make something and we dont like it then we give it back
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    Do you have any specific swing thoughts that you use during competition? Do those thoughts change throughout the course of the day or do you have go-to "thoughts"? Or nothing at all - just think target and strategy.
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    azam14 wrote:

    What advice would you give to a 19 year old that wants to play professionally that know thinks he can?

    Also, I saw you at the BMW in Chicago this past season, but didn't try talk to you cause I blanked on your named image/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />

    Good luck with coming back from the injury hope you play well.

    To piggy back on this question, what is your practice schedule during the day and honestly how much work do you have to put in? I understand a ton and there are no days off but is chasing the dream (in your opinion) far fetched?

    practice schedule varies day to day. there are soo many areas of the game you have to practice so practice of what needs the most work until its better however much work that may take. being far fetched he hard to answer! depends on the person!
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    gators78 wrote:

    Yup, Scott THE Piercy.

    Have to ask, is it HIYA as in karate chop, or HIYA as in hiya hows it going?

    karate chop
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    QMany wrote:

    What was the toughest adjustment to "Tour life?"

    Who is the fastest player on Tour? Who is the slowest?

    the toughest part of tour life is the travel

    fastest player matt every

    slowest kevin na but he has way too many guys close to him
  • ScottPiercyPGAScottPiercyPGA Members Posts: 51
    easyyy wrote:


    Have you ever played Oakmont Country Club in PA? If so are the greens there as hard as any on the tour including Augusta?

    Thanks for the time with us here!!!

    never played it

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