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Want your opinion as to what ball to use
I am part of a family business which is on the verge of releasing a new golf related software package and we were thinking of getting some balls printed to peak interest in the new venture. We want to play these and when someone finds one of our lost balls be willing to play them also.

We are currently using a srixon ZUR-S but I have noticed on many of our local courses (Brisbane Australia) not many people are using srixon. We (myself and my father - the golfers in the family) have not been fitted for golf balls but would be willing to do so. But most importantly we want a ball that soemeone would want to play if they found/given one/ a couple.

What ball do you suggest we try before deciding to get some (read 200 or so - on the first run) printed?




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    Maybe you should ask the local pro shop owners what people are buying. Ask 'em at the golf course, as far as affordable golf balls, what people buy.

    Its just a guess, but since you're promoting a business you don't want to necessarily use the best ball out there--too expensive. Correct?


    Personally, I really dig the Srixons. . .also, it may be cheaper to put together small bags of T's with your promo or logo, and just hand them out. You can buy t's for $2.50 a bag, but $10 for a decent sleeve of golfballs, at least here in the U.S.

    Just an option!
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    I don't know, but maybe some of the new Top-Flites? Gamer or Freak? Priced well. Although "Top-Flite" might not strike that many.
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    The cheaper Callways (Warbird) and Titleists (NXT) always are a good compromise between performance and price.

    As you stated you wanted to play them yourselves as well and give them away thi seems to be the way to go.
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    I think AirTime23 has it spot on.

    I play at far too many corporate events where I'm handed a pack of Pinnacle's on the first tee with some companies name on the side.

    I'm not saying you have to go and get dozens of boxes of Pro-V1's printed but the cheaper offerings from Callaway and Titleist are a good idea. People respond well to these brands and especially since your promoting a golf related product, this would be a good way to go.

    Also, shop around! There are a lot of people after this business and the profit margin on balls (especially when bought in large quantities) is quite high. There are always good deals to be had.
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    i agree with the previous two posters

    i think that getting a mid-price range ball from a widely recognised brand would be the best way to go

    so perhaps HX Hot (Bite) or NXT would be a good choice
  • I would guess that unless you give away a top of the line or 2nd tier near top of the line ball, most people will give the balls to someone else, anyhow. It will either be a ball that they consider to be 'too cheap' or 'not the ball that they play'. NXT sounds like a great option.

    Hey, you are giving these away for free, if people don't like them they can always hand them on down the line.
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    For maximum exposure and return on your advertising dollar, you need to check this out.

    Since your international, they can just ship you the boxes flat and shipping will be fairly cheap.

    Greg is the owner and their product is first class.
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    I just print on the ball I normally use. B330s

    My business might as well pay for my golf balls!

    (thank you business advertising expense!)

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