quite like the trispeed but

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need lower spin off the driver
i just played a round with the srixon trispeed and found it quite nice of the irons, not too soft decent distance and checked well.

The only real problem i had with it was launch and spin from the driver. It seemed to launch very high and spin way too much for me.

anyone have a opinion on a similar ball but with lower launch and spin from the driver


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    Bridgestone E6+
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    the Trispeed doesn't spin much at all off the driver. i believe that it's one of the lowest spinning balls off the driver on the market. in fact, it's not a particularly spinny ball in general, driver or irons. high launch !=high spin off the driver. in fact, generally speaking, high launch means lower spin off the driver, since the ball is sliding up the clubface, producing a higher launch. also, value-priced and mid-priced balls are almost invariably going to be of the high launch variety. most balls in those price categories are geared towards distance for the average golfer, and distance for the average golfer means promoting high launch/low spin. and actually, that's distance in general.

    that said, here are some lower launching balls you might want to try:

    2007 TaylorMade TP Red

    Precept U-Tri Tour

    Callaway HX Tour/HX56

    Titleist ProV1-x

    Bridgestone B330/B330-S

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