Long Ball for Captains Choice?

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I'm going to be playing in three Captains Choice tourneys in a couple weeks and am looking for a ball that is long (the others are the consistent ones, I'm supposed to be the long one) and straight off the tee...that is pretty cheap!!!

A couple that seem to be high ranking in those categories are: Cally HX Hot and TM Burner TP.

How do these two balls compare?

Are there others that you would recommend?

Does the HX Bite offer any more spin into the greens than the HX Hot? How does its distance compare to the Hot?

I currently use the Pro V1 due to the fact that I can be agressive with my chips but when it comes to captains choice tourneys, I'm typically looked to to get the ball 285-300 yards off the tee.

Thanks for any input.



  • SupermanSuperman Members Posts: 205
    Top-Flite distance and the Pinnalcle Long Drive balls are fairly cheap and are just what they advertise, long! Pretty much and ball that is under 20 dollars will be fairly long, but some more expensive options are the fifty, HX hot, and the NXT series
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    depends what your SS is but try the 3 piece distance balls like the freak. If you're SS isn't too fast try the e6+.

    Otherwise I find the NXT Extreme to be the most agreeable distance ball in terms of feel.
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    The HX hot is long but imo, the new iX is longer, I've played both. At your SS, you should be able to compress this SOB enough off the irons and you'll love to hit hard with the driver. We're just talking length here. For an all around ball, TM red LDP or the black LDP. See the other threads...but the red LDP ball is a tad shorter than the iX, imo but the overall performance is much better, especially if it's a windy day. Good luck and congratz on being picked!
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    If distance is all that matters then why not just get some cheap top flites or pinnicles? They're indestructable! HX hots are nice and long, but is there really that much difference? They're more expensive so an errant shot with the cheap ball won't matter that much. Then carry some prov 1's for par threes and holes where you might want to try and place it some where stratigically instead of bomb it. just my opinion.
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