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    I got DQ'd for something that is just rediculus... On the longest drive at an open i played in, I got DQd for hitting the drive too far! I didnt see the people in the trees on the right, hit my drive, halfway through the flight, they magically appeared, flew over them, they kicked off a fuss and complained, the guy they complained to came up to me, i explained what had happened, he started kicking up a fuss so we got into an argument, went off... carried on my round and when i came in was told that i was DQd for conduct and not adhearing to etiquette...

    (the year after i won the longest drive and made a point of putting every ounce of effort into the ball and hit maybe the best drive ive ever hit... who got the last laugh!)
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    Got DQ'd for not having the date on my card.
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    There was a point made about properly deleting all off topic posts....there is some truth to it, but it doesn't stretch to some kind of conspiracy to keep only one side of an argument open. I'm not the one who deleted only some of the posts, but I am the one who went back and deleted all the off topic ones - hopefully I didn't miss any. Bear in mind, like many other matters it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. When a topic gets heated and posts reported, then the mod typically deletes what they have time to deal with at that moment.

    There is a lot of sh*t going on at this site right now, mods are getting pinged all over the place.

    Which brings me to my next point, this thread got locked like so many others because there are a few people out there with nothing better to do than pad post counts with whatever can get them the most attention. No restraint is being shown, just blab it all out there and see what sticks. It's getting pathetic and some of you should consider yourself warned that we have let go of members for the same exact behavior in the past and we will not hesitate to let go of a few more if they continue to get on the soapbox every five minutes and make the same points over and over.

    It's too bad when the moderator team now has to start paying very particular attention to every single thread when we have members that have a knack for turning just about any topic into an opportunity to preach on something totally unrelated and cannot find enough restraint to stay on topic. Littering the thread with the same points over and over, then saying 'sorry' doesn't cut it.

    Some of you should try rehearsing your post in your mind seeing what it would be like if you conducted yourself that way in front of all your friends. Unless you like having the reputation for being someone who never shuts up and likes to start trouble, then you will probably find your post is not quite ready for public consumption. Point being, I know people tend to get a little more cheeky at the keyboard, but it doesn't have to be that way. Turn down the volume.

    Now let's get back to doing what this forum is for, adding value to a conversation, some humor every now and then, positive emotion, but enough of they preaching.

    Oh, one last thing, if you are not a junior or college golfer, you may want to stay out of the juniors/college golf forum, I am not saying you can't post here, but be twice as careful because you may not come across as helpful as you think you are.
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