help my wedges are sooooo high

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ive been popping my wedges up super high and have lost half my distance with them and 10-15 yards on all other clubsfrown.gif is there any drills i could do to help out i have also been taking big divots with all my clubs but am making great ball contact


  • oregongolforegongolf Lefty Boomers  8606WRX Points: 190Posts: 8,606 Titanium Tees
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    Where are they in your stance?
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  • BaddeleyBaddeley ShAnKaPoTaMuS! Members  424WRX Points: 60Posts: 424 Bunkers
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    middle could it be im coming down on the ball to hard?
  • oregongolforegongolf Lefty Boomers  8606WRX Points: 190Posts: 8,606 Titanium Tees
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    Difficult, if not impossible to say without a swing video.

    Try trapping it?
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    try moving the ball back a little further back in your stance and moving you hands forward of the club head and maintaining that "hands forward" position throughout the swing
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    If your making solid contact and taking your divot after the ball then the only real thing you can be doing is increasing the loft of the club at impact. As timbyrne20 says try and keep your hands infront of the club at impact and maybe check to see the angle on your shoulders. Try keeping them more the same height at address rahter than the right being lower than the left.

    If your more of a feel player then i always try to imagine im hitting the ball through a doorway if i want to keep it down.
  • doofydoofy Members  16WRX Points: 0Posts: 16
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    check your weight distribution at address. I had the same problem. it should be more towards front foot than longer clubs,especially to keep the ball down. You should also check that you are not too far behind the ball at impact
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  • jsilversteinjsilverstein Members  156WRX Points: 0Posts: 156
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    You are casting the club (throwing it from the top of your swing). Many amateurs have this problem. Meaning your clubhead is in front of your hands at impact which causes a fat shot (big divots) and more loft on your shot.

    One solution is try to release the club head at about 8 o'clock (not literally) even this is exaggerated it should help you get this feeling.

    I had this problem for a while and i believe the best solution is to hit a full bucket of half shots where you hold your wrist angle and don't release the club. It should almost feel like a punch shot. **** your wrists then just don't release.

    Hope i could help

  • finalistfinalist MASHED POTATO! Members  5411WRX Points: 167Posts: 5,411 Bunkers
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    Just mover you hands up and forward a bit. You are probably letting your hands get too low at address. ...and remember to put more weight on your front leg.
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  • tjewell1994tjewell1994 Jr. Boomers  1496WRX Points: 55Posts: 1,496 Platinum Tees
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    when your hitting the ball make sure that the grip end of the club stays in front of the clubhead.

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