Anyone see anything bizarrely supernatural on the course?



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    A few years ago the first group out on a local course found a human skull on one of the tee boxes. The Sheriff's Office came out and the found the rest of the bones in nearby woods. They belonged to a man who had been missing for a few years. Apparently, he had went into the woods and committed suicide.
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    Interpol wrote:

    Just read a post from a few years ago about someone having the feeling of being watched while on the tee playing alone, and turning around to see an unmoving, faceless entity looking at him from the woods. Genuinely creeped me out.

    So, anyone else have similar stories? Ever been in a situation on the course that simply scared you out of your wits?

    Saw someone dunk one for par from 50 yds out in the trees to win a match. Thought that was supernatural
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