Caddy Fees

Just curious, what's the going rate for caddy fees? What would you consider average, a good payday and what would be cheap.

If you've ever caddied, what did you like best and least about players? What stood out to make it a memorable day - good or bad.


  • markomarko Posts: 101
    On the pga tour the caddy usually gets 10% of the winnings
  • TigerStrongTigerStrong Ack...Ack...Go Mr. McIver Banned Posts: 2,894
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    Pga tour caddies get anywhere from $1000-$2000 for the week. If a player makes a check he will get the weekly money plus 6% of the check. Only if the player wins will the caddie get the weekly money plus 10% of the winning check.

    Nationwide is the excactly the same but the weekly money is lower $400-$600 for the week.

    I caddied for a friend on the Nationwide tour who now is on the PGA tour. Its not as easy as it looks. Each week is a diffrent city getting your yardages on Tuesday and Wednesday. When he plays good its great but when its going South its tough because there is nothing you can do but talk and hope he turns it around. As a caddie your trying your hardest but your not hitting the ball. If you make the cut its nice but you miss the cut and you are only getting $450 for the week. After a few weeks of that your ready to quit. I could not stand being out on the road and thats when I packed it in.
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    I am an honor caddy at club in the sw suburbs of chicago. An average day carrying pays about 60-65. Better loops run from 70-100. There are a few members that pay over 100 And one pays an astronomical amount ( >500 per honor caddy). However, there are quite a few who refuse to pay more than 50. What I like to see in a golfer is, 1) a carry bag 2) less than 10 balls in the bag, 3) limited amount of items in the bag (if they need all of that stuff then they should ride) 4) they should be a decent golfer. I like when the are courteous and give praise on a good read or club selection. And they all should offer a beverage along the way and snack at the turn. Things that stand out other than the compensation, are when the golfer talks to you and asks about your life. I find that there are many connections to be made with members that can help you down the road. I hope this helps.

  • if I caddy for good players (tour) I never ask for money. Sometimes if the week goes well they'll give me their back up 3-wood, or one of their wedges
  • cjdrcccjdrcc Jr. Boomers Posts: 543
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    I caddy at a local club and usually judge the amount by round. If I make a good club selection or read a putt that the player can't and it is spot on, I add a little. Same for a heavier bag, weather, and other services. My main thing is to not be under 30 unless you quit at nine because really, we work for tips, it isn't like a bag boy where there's money for your hourly rate plus the 3 buck you gave him. Also try to be genial with the caddy but not really nice unless your planning to tip big, it gets our hopes up and then kills them. Also the worst round is the heat round with a non-genial member, these are rough. They tend to forget you don't like carrying their huge staff bag in 90+ degree heat, morral is to just remember we are human and have human neeeds.
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