Putter covers on or off in the proshop

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I was wondering what you guys think about headcovers on the putters in the proshop. Should they be left on the clubs to help prevent them from being dinged up by careless customers and to make sure each customer recieves their cover with putter purhcase. Or would you prefer to have all the covers off the putters and placed behind the proshop counter, so you will recieve the cover when you purchase a putter but it makes quick browesing a little easier seeing all the models.

Each has their advatages and disadvantages, so what do you think?

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    can you imagine trying putters out if they all had headcovers on?

    you'd have to pick up each one, and remove the cover because you won't be able to tell one putter from another, how frustrating would that get?

    pull of a cover.... nope don't want to try that one, pull off another cover.... nope that's the same putter as the last one... pull off another cover...........

    plus the headcovers may have a tendancy to "walk away"

    to make more sales, people need to be able to see the goods
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    I'm fine with the either choice. But we only carry about 15 putters at a given time, so there isn't too many to chose from. We do worry about headcovers walking off but it seems when I do inventory of the headcovers about 20% of them stay with us becuase the sales associate forgets to give it to them, I don't think more then 20% would walk off either. But let me know how you feel about 15 putters with headcovers, since we are not golfsmith with 300 putters.

    Thanks for the input!
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    Headcovers off. I would have never tested the Studio Select (I own one) or the Spider if they had those ugly headcovers on.
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    Too many people simply pick them up and swing them on the floor brushing the floor and scratching them.

    If someone is interested in buying a putter they should come in and then take the headcover off the 1 they want.
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    i say off.

    if someone is going to get upset because the putter they like and want to buy has been demo'd in the shop....they can order one brand new. if their impatient...they can take it as is. no big deal in my book.

    putter covers are a pain for people demo'ing multiple putters. they get taken off and left in bizarre places. we just leave them off, tucked away in a drawer and at the time of purchase, dole it out.
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    I think off, aside from the point that a significant part of choosing a putter is asthetics that would be covered up, the hastle of searching for specific model in a line of putters like the Oddessey XG series that has a whole load of putters that all use the same headcover would just get too much. Even on a smaller scale I think you'd have to deal with things like people putting headcovers back on the wrong putters when they've been looking at three or four different ones. I can undertsand about protecting them from dings but most companies will deliver an otr club within a few days so waiting for a brand new one to show isn't really a problem either.

    Of all the reasons not to cover them up however I think the most significant is that you are less likely to sell them. Someone could quite easily walk into a proshop take the headcover off of a scotty they wanted to try, decide after a few putts they don't like it and then walk out. If the covers were off the other putters they may take a quick glance and see something else they want to try and end up buying it.

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