Need Help On Becomming More Focused

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yea well ive realised over the past week or so ive not been able to get as focused as i usually do when playing and practising

so any advice about how to regain my focus would be great image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />


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    Have a plan.

    Read some books.
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    Develop a routine to begin your shot and make that a pattern.

    This puts your mind into a mode that you can always drop into for a preshot ritual.

    Makes focusing a lot more mindless.
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    Just think about the one shot that you must hit, nothing else. Not your score, playing partners score, place in the tournament, etc..........
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    Iv recently started seeing a new coach... Went through technicalities and swing positions, the usual... He asked how i had been doing in competition recently, i said not great and he asked why... I said i dont know, practice rounds and competitve are almost completely different... I said my swing is there and am hitting the ball like a legend so i dont understand why im not scoring well... He asked when my next tourney was and i said 2 days time... he said to go out on my practice round tomorrow and play it as if it was a competition and run through every preshot routine, read every putt, assess every wind direction, calculate every yardage, hole every putt etc...

    So went out in the practice round and did all he told me to... Went out in the tournement and won...

    If you can mentally get better then you WILL see lower scores... Nothing changed in my swing or how i tried to hit the ball... Only thing that changed was my concentration and score.

    So to sum up, practice how you would play...
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    Having a routine is part of what I credit for helping me out this year. For the past two years I was having trouble breaking 80 on a consistent basis. This year I developed a pre-shot routine that goes a little something like this.

    1)Address the ball, take two practice swings to warm the body up.

    2) step back behind the ball, club in the left hand with the clubhead on the ground. See where you want the ball to start

    3) While walking toward the ball, I get my grip set with both hands, waging the club along the way.

    4) Setup to the ball and fire away!

    Putting consists of reading the break, taking 2 practice strokes looking at the cup then one looking down. Setup to the ball and make the putt.

    At first you need to make it a conscious thought process but eventually you get settled into it. It really helps me keep myself focused when I have a good round going, and it helps me start new after a bad shot or bad hole.
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    Drink a pint or two of Guinness before you practice/play....

    Just kidding!

    I found that having the exact same pre-shot routine has helped me the very most.
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    Do a google on Heartmath or Emwave I started using it 2 weeks ago and it has transformed my scoring. I had been making a lot of swing changes over the last couple of years and like so many others I looked like a pro on the range and a mid handicapper on the course. It became just too frustrating hitting so many poor shots on the course after all the efforts I'd put in, that my head was never really with me on the course. It was so bad that I just never felt competitive and as such just didnt seem to bother concentrating. The training that the Emwave pc programme has given, is enabling me to click straight into a very focused pre shot routine and stay in the present. Current UK handicap is 6 and the last 2 times out of the backs I have played to it. Probably only done this about 3 times this yearin the UK. I have to add that I have not been swinging anywhere near my best but have still got it around, which is a total transformation for me.

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