College Dilemma

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Ok here is my situation,

I am a senior in High School, played number 2 on my team this year but overall played like crap. And now here is my real problem. I am about to choose a college and cant decide what to do. I am obviously not getting scouted by any schools, and only a few of the schools i am looking at have a golf team. So should i choose a school for the academics or for a someplace with a good golf team. Idk right now im leaning towards going to a school with a team, but that will probably change 10 times in the next couple months. Now (as everyone is) i am hoping that next year i will improve. But i kinda have a reason. In the last three season i have gone from an 18 handicap to a 2.6 and since i had a lesson a couple of weeks ago ive shot a 67,72, and 66 (par 70).

So for anyone that has any advice, im listening

thank you


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    go the the college for the school, even if they don't have a team you can still play golf and get good.. but and education is something that in this economy could be priceless.... that is if you don't get a scholarship offers no reason to turn down free school.
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    go for the school that is the most important. but try to go where you can play golf too. You can always transfer to a school with a good golf team if your game attracts attention of bigger schools. BUt dont stop playing, you can always look at transferring if your scores get even better. But right now your education is the most important thing for you.
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    ok i was in a similar situation and i think i did it right. ive been palyin golf for 4 years. my hs didnt have a team so me and a few friends got one for my junior year. i didnt play that great, so i was not going to get looked at any schools. ok so senior year i practiced hard and played well. i even won the state tourney. so because golf is a spring sport it was kinda late and i wasnt gonna get the scholarships i deserved. so right now i am commuting to a local school, and practicing and playing in tourneys. this way i keep practicing, and going to school. and now i'm getting some offeres from some real nice schools and will be transferring next year.
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    Don't forget about club golf teams. I went to UMass (for baseball, but injuries ensued, etc.) and there is no varsity team there. I did start up a club golf team. Our golfers regularly shot mid 70's to mid 80's, as did competing schools. We played an average of 5 tournaments per semester (not a lot of golfing weather in the UMass school schedule). We had unlimited golf privileges at a country club, the same equipment discounts as varsity teams, etc. And best of all, the tournaments were a ton of fun! None of us would have won a national championship anywhere but this was a good way to get good, free golf and stay competitive.

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    Hey there,

    IMO, for what it is can always goto school for academics and play golf and practice on the side...if the school you love has no golf team or only club level, go with that one. It sometimes is better not to have a golf team bc then you can be on your own schedule with golf practice and that sort. If the school you decide on does have a team, you can always try to walk on via tryouts.

    Hope it works out OK!


    PS: Many div 2/3 schools have scholarships that go unused, have you looked into some of those schools?
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    I didn't start playing until my Junior year of HS, and I ended up walking on to the team in college. I had a few choices on where to go for academics, but none for playing. It was one of the greatest achievements of my life, and I never really played. I just know that I've seen many players take scholarships and/or go to schools where they could overachieve at golf and underachieve in the books...99% of them failed at golf and are stuck. I'm not saying to not follow your dreams. I went to where I wanted to go and tried my absolute hardest to make the team, and it is possible to do that, NCAA Rules dictate that all teams have walk-on opportunities, however, if I had to take my new golf bag and tournaments for my degree...I take my degree, all day long.
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    Go for the school. If they've got a college team thats great, gives you something to work for.

    I went to a school based on academics and they have a college team that I'm not on yet. I've gotta put some real tournaments under my belt before the coach wants to look at me but like I said...something to work for.

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