Kiyoshi Black with GGB or Ping G Driver??

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I just went through a fitting session by an extremely reputable fitter. However, I've been given the option of two driver heads. I'm not doing very well with making a decision and was hoping for some helpful input.

Driver Heads: Callaway GBB or Ping G

Shaft: OBAN Kiyoshi Black "stiff" tipped 1"

Length: 45"

Loft: 9.5

My Stats:

6'1 - 185

hdcp: 8 --> trending the wrong way fast

Driver swing speed: 105

My game off the tee is easily the worst part of my game. My gamer for the past 7 years has been the Adams 9015D w/ x-stiff Grafalloy Blue. This club worked a long time ago when I could swing like a gorilla, but those days are gone.

Is the Ping G distance on par with GBB distance? Is the Ping G much more forgiving? Again, I'm very torn and researching online only leads to more questions...

Any productive input would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Did you not hit these heads? If you were fit for either one they should perform basically same given the fitter gave you an option, they should both be optimal.

    Get whichever one looks and sounds the best to you.

    Id pick the ping...thats just my opinion as I like ping drivers.
  • JavitronJavitron Members Posts: 179
    Unfortunately I was only able to hit the Kiyoshi with the GBB head. I tried to get "the feel" (or sound) of both heads at my local shop with stock shafts afterward.

    The fitter gives me the impression that overall performance will be similar, but the Ping will get the slight edge in forgiveness catagory.

    Aesthetically, the Great Big Bertha looks much bette to me at address than the Ping G. Sound is a bit better too. But I can get over the looks if I'm hitting it long and in the fairway consistently.
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    Go with the GBB, you have hit it and know the results.

    That shaft would likely perform differently in the Ping too very different hosel configuration.

    Edit, forgot to mention that the head weight of the Ping is also significantly higher too
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