Alignment Stick Covers

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We're making alignment stick covers now! With the GT-L leather, we offer 13 colors. Plus, customization is included for free. The GT-L Alignment Stick Cover is $30.

9* G400 Max w/ Xcalibur TSL Tour Stiff and Custom MicroPerf Golf Grip
14* Callaway XR 16 Pro w/ ProjectX Hzrdus Red 75 6.0 and Custom Christmas Golf Grip
3-GW Edel SLS-01 w/ Paderson SL 95g Stiff and alternating Patriotic and Augusta Leather Golf Grips
55* Edel Come and Take It TRP Handmade w/ KBS Tour Wedge Stiff and Come and Take It Golf Grip
59* Edel PNR Handmade w/ KBS Tour Wedge Stiff and Augusta Leather Golf Grip
Artisan Golf #0036 0217 w/ Zach Use Only Putter Grip or 0318 w/ Prototype Leather Putter Grip

[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]BestGrips is a second generation, underdog golf company making genuine leather golf grips, putter grips, Puttershoes[/font]® [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]and headcovers in the US of A. We are big fans of one off custom work and not afraid of hard work. In the market for game changing grips that combine new with old, performance with looks, and are made right here in the US of A? Then look no further than [/font]! Follow us on twitter - [twitter]bestgrips[/twitter]!

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All grips and headcovers are handmade in Conroe, Texas.


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