How did you start the game?

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How did you get into this great game? My dad is an excellent player but never wanted to push me into the sport. I took an interest after watching golf on TV (I can mainly rememebr Tiger's win at the 1997 Masters) and he took me to the local driving range and got me hitting balls. I got a memebership at a short course (4600 yards, par 66!) and played every weekend. I became addicted and I that addiction has never ceased.

How did you start playing?
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    2 years ago my friend and I were bored one summer afternoon, so we were looking for something to do. He asked me if I ever golfed, and I said no. So, he insited we hit a few balls into the woods to show me what it was like. First club I hit was a driver, and the way it rocketed off the face and out into the distance captivated me. I hit a few more, and a few more, and I was hooked. Since then I haven't gone through one day without thinking about golf.
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    I first started a couple of years ago because I heard that the school golf tournement was on and cause i wanted to get the day off school i put my name down.

    I decided I wanted to practise a little before hand so I didnt embarrass so I played a couple of rounds with my dad and one with a friend and I was hooked.

    I think i shot 120 in the tournement but it didn't bother me lol.

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    It was the middle of march and I was 10 and before class started I was listening to 2 of my friends talk about golf and it sounded like a lot of fun. I had went like 2 times with my dad to the range but he didnt golf anymore so he never asked if i wanted to play. So when my b-day came around in april I got my first set for my 11th b-day and I havent gone a day without thinking about golf and i'm hooked.
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    My dad got me some lessons when i was around 11 and i was instantly hooked
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    live pretty much on a golf course so when they started junior lessons when i was about 5 i went along and started from there image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':drinks:' />
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    my dad played and always wanted to enjoy the game with his sons, he pushed my brother into the game and he didn't like it, so he didn't try with me. When i got into high school i decided i wanted to try it and my dad was right there to get me lessons. I started on a par 65, 4800 yard course that i still play today (now i play it backwards on the short holes and driver on the narrow ones). It's been a few years and i still love it.

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    Great-Grandpa, Grandpa, and Dad all managed/built golf courses (Great Grandpa built Northbrook in Green Bay if anyone has been down that way), and have been around it since birth, but didn't start gettin serious until Freshman Year.
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    couldnt have done it with out the first tee of chesterfield
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    About 18 months ago my step-dad (who must be a genius) bought me my first set of clubs. And after pitching two straight balls into a bucket in my backyard I was HOOKED. Now, I spend almost every second of the day thinking about golf.

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