Need Help on sticking with one putter!



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    502 to Right wrote on Jan 16 2009, 10:04 PM:
    Pingme wrote on Jan 16 2009, 08:12 PM:
    Turn off your computer and never return to this site again. image/russian_roulette.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':russian_roulette:' />

    I agree.

    It would be hard for alcoholic to stay away from a drink if he hung out in a bar all the time.

    great analogy lol!
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    Find a putter you like and are comfortable with and stick with it. I think a lot of people who club ho think there is a magic club that is going to transform their game, but the fact is that if you dont swing it correctly, you arent going to hole putts.
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    I used the same putter, a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 from 2004 until last summer, when it was stolen. It was the greatest putter ever because I was so confident in the speed every time. When you use the same putter for a long time you develop a perfect feel and understanding for where the ball will go off the face. The only problem is now I've been searching for a new one to replace it and I can't stop buying new ones!!!
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    why stick to just one, most pros switch putters around all the time. i like to use different ones threw out the year.
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    Because consistency is arguably the most important aspect of being a good/great golfer. Actually it separates the good golfers from the great ones.





    Need I say more? All use(d) the same putter for a very long time with excellent results.
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    I have narrowed it down to 5 scotty's. This is the closest I have come. I just stuck 3 Rife's in the basement and am devoting this summer to scotty. Now if I could figure out if I like the 2, mid-slant, 2.7, fastback, or the squareback I would be ready to go.
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    I think most people change putters because they have a bad game and decide to switch. Its not the putter it is the stroke. the next day you will probably do better. also if you stick it out you will learn to develop a better stoke than if you change the putter.Its similar to a r7. If your hooking change the weights.That in the end will not be the solution because you will just develop bad habits. Just stick it out and eventually you will become better. also customize one that you really like the look of that helps.
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    bbeard10 wrote on Jan 19 2009, 05:26 PM:
    Because consistency is arguably the most important aspect of being a good/great golfer. Actually it separates the good golfers from the great ones.





    Need I say more? All use(d) the same putter for a very long time with excellent results.


    Bobby Locke-some hickory shafted mallet, maybe a Otey Crisman

    Faxon-Zing Style?

    Loren Roberts-Cobra Greg Norman putter

    Mark McNulty-Bullseye

    Bill Casper-Ray Cook Mallet

    Gary Player-some ugly black thing he found in a barrel in a second hand store somewhere in Asia.

    Bobby Jones-Calamity Jane

    Nicklaus-George Low Wizard

    Trevino-8802 most of his career

    Watson-used a Ping Pal most of his career, started experimenting then lost is stroke.

    Arnie is a bad example because he started changing putters a lot later in his career, which is probably why he got the yips.

    Guys who switch a lot end of with a lack of confidence under pressure, sure a new putter may work better on the practice green, but when the chips are on the table it is good to look down at something that looks familiar.

    The only way to stick with one is to understand that switching only makes you a worse putter, most all the people who have putted great through history stuck with one flatstick most of their career, there are exceptions, Greg Norman, switched from an 8802 to a Ping anser, but no many.
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    Good Elaboration!

    Also I still think Arnie is a great example because he shows you how good he was with one putter then how he ungrooved his stroke when he started playing the field.

    Ultimately when you have a bad putting day it is your fault, so the natural and quick fix is to switch your putter when in reality it is the stroke. So instead of switching your putter after a bad round and putting lights out the next day with a new one, stick with the same putter. You will avoid the never ending circle of HO.

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    Well, let's just say I was in your position 1 year ago. Went through at least 20 or 30 putters in 2007 (you can check my WITB pics, they're not even all there), longest gamed one was probably a month. Putting had always been my strong point, and let's just say it hurt my game that year. So, winter came along and I was at Golf Galaxy trying out new things as usual. Stumbled upon my beloved X5. Thing rolled awesome in the store and I told myself that was the one. Just something about it clicked for me. I played it all through 2008 and plan to continue with it. Just like that, 30 putters....1 putter.

    Now, that isn't to say I still don't have the urge to try new things. I purchased a few putters last year to give a roll. Most any of them ever lasted was one day on the course. They just didn't cut it, and I could tell that pretty much instantly. I also know that I will basically never gain anything more from a putter. Only practice could make me better. If I get a new putter to try out, that's basically all it is. The odds of it actually replacing my gamer...not very good.

    Guess this isn't really much help for you in how to do it, I'm just saying that it is possible is all. And you can still have fun and do all the ho'ing that you'd like, you'll just basically know that it's for a different purpose than actually playing your rounds with.
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