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The story of my new custom Scotty Belly and Squareback
Although I am a better than average putter, I decided to dedicate myself this off season to improving my putting and short game to try to drop my 5 index. I have done a lot of reading and Internet browsing trying to learn as much as I could about putting technique and mental approach. One idea that I came across was using a belly putter to help groove a proper arc stroke. I went to several area golf shops but the longest belly putter I came across was a 43" Spider. Although I am only 6'2", I am relatively thin and a 43" belly was not long enough for me- when I put it in my belly button the clubface was well inside my eyeline.

I then found a PING 1/2 Craz-E belly at 45" at TGW. With the 30 day return policy, I only had the cost of postage to lose if it didn't work out so I ordered one. After trying it for a few weeks indoors, I found I really liked the feel and results and the length seemed to be perfect. I began to toy with the idea of actually using it on the course rather than just as a training aid. Unfortunately, I was not a big fan of the looks, with the orange and black grip and the orange highlights on the putter head. It would be fine for practicing but couldn't see using it on the course (I know, I know).

After researching other belly putters online, I came across the Cameron Custom Shop belly putter conversion option. I had started using a 34" heavy Squareback that I had gotten from a fellow GolfWRX member toward the end of last year and I really liked it and it immediately became my gamer. I decided the best option for me would be to convert another Studio Select to a belly. Since they can only convert Selects with a plumber's neck, the options were Newport, Newport 2 and Newport 2 Midslant. After trying them all out, I decided on the Midslant. I was never a big fan of the grip on the Selects so I decided to send in my Squareback to get a midsize grip similar to the grip on the belly putter.

I sent in my Squareback and the new Midslant in mid December. I got the belly back before Christmas but the Squareback didn't get back until after New Year's. Since I was getting grips anyway, I decide to pick up a couple of headcovers so that I could get custom paintfill. I went with pretty a pretty basic red and white scheme for the belly to match the red belly grip. I decided to keep the Squareback pretty basic too with a black and white scheme. I had them put a sightline on the top of each putter and a stamp on the toe. I had heard that the Custom Shop sometimes doesn't do the paintfill as requested but they did mine just as I had asked. The Squareback is the heavy version with 20 gram weights (360 gram) and they put 30 gram weights in the Midslant as part of the belly conversion (380 gram).

I putted extensively indoors exclusively with the belly for the two weeks or so between when it arrived and when I got the Squareback back. I have now putted a lot with both the Squareback and belly and I think I have changed my stroke with the conventional putter for the better. I seem to have a smoother take away with a shorter backstroke and no wrist breakdown, changes I think are at least in part attributable to using the belly (and practicing a lot more than I ever have, I'm sure). Although I still feel more comfortable with the conventional putter at this time, I wouldn't be surprised if I end up using the belly some next season after I get a chance to practice on a real putting green. It is just so solid on putts up to 10-15 feet which are often the difference makers in your score.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

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    Very cool! I would have made the Squateback the belly putter and kept the midslant at normal length IMO
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    Ideally I would like to have two Squareback putters, one conventional and one belly but the Custom Shop can only convert Selects with a plumber's neck. The retail Squareback is a double bend so I had to get one of the Newports with a plumber's neck for belly conversion.

    A tour Squareback with the plumber's neck would have been a great option if only they were available/affordable for a regular Joe like me.
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    I understand that Cameron can not change a square, fast ,2.6 or 2.7 but is it bc it is not possible or is it bc they dont carry mid length shafts with the double bend. Basically could I send my fastback to someone else and they could do it or is that not an option. thanks
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    I'm sure the right clubmaker could convert your fastback to a belly length, the Cameron Custom Shop will not. Not only does the shaft length need to be changed but the head weight needs to be significantly increased for it to feel right as a belly. Belly shafts are larger diameter than the standard putter shafts necessitating that the clubhead/neck be bored out to insert it.
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    I heard a rumor that Cameron may introduce a new belly putter this spring (KOMBI) and that he may release the Squareback as a belly. Wouldn't that be just my luck.
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    Did the custom shop put the 2 different weights in for you? I heard they only put 2 of the same in.
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    The Custom Shop put in the two 30 gram weights for the belly putter. The Squareback was the heavy version with the two 20 gram weights (34" length) when I got it, the Custom Shop didn't change those. Neither of them have different weights in the heel and toe.

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