Any Speculations on TM Rossa Kia Ma line?

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Just curious how people think the putter will sell...
I was curious what people thought for the potential sales "success" of TM's upcoming Rossa Kia Ma line. I noticed on GPP that they have a price of $359.99...which puts it in the OTR premium line.

Most Cameron putters sell for $300 and have been relatively successful in the retail market for premium putters. Many others have attempted to enter this price category (ex: Odyssey Black Series, Ping Redwood, Ping JAS, Mizuno/Bettinardi) and however good those putters were, they didn't seem to generate the same sales success as Cameron. So, with that said, I was just curious what people well do you think this line will sell at a $300+ price.

Disclaimer: This is not a knock on the quality or performance of the Kia Ma line (they look fantasic and I'm sure their performance/quality will be great), just how well will they sell...


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    Well I asked the guys at the local pro shop here in town about that exact thing. They display them in the same case as the Cameron's and the Mizuno Bett's.....well, apparently they need to change that but don't have another lockable case to separate them from the other 2 brands. They aren't selling at the price point currently assigned to them here. I haven't found them at any other shop locally at all. IMHO they(tm) need to lower the price point a bit.

    I rolled a couple balls with one and it was very smooth, nice feel off the face and overall weight felt right. BUT, the Bettinardi's and SC's feel just as good if not better and aren't much more in price as we all know. Go figure. Personally I would've marketed them as the direct competition to the Ping Redwood series...same price point.

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    I always see more used Mizunos and Odyssey Blacks than Scottys. They need to drop that price point, I dont see anyhthing special about them to warrant that much money.
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    They'll never succeed at that price point....I think at around $250 they might but pricing it at the top of the market is just a dumb idea...
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    What TM needs to do is let Kia Ma out of the cave and have him go out EVERYWHERE if needed to market this great putter.
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    I don't see them selling well at all initially. I think it will take a price drop below $200 to have any chance of decent numbers. The Cameron putters aren't flying off the shelves in golf shops now, why should a super expensive TM putter?
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    You cant half be in the $300+ price point, meaning all of your putters have to be in that price point which is why I think Scotty is so successful, he maintains the same price point for all of his putters.
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    Yep...but Cameron is a small operation compared to the entire Taylor Made "empire"....and that's the mistake of TM here with this putter line; a big corporation trying to market a nice milled quality line of putters as if it were like SC's studio operation, using only the designer's name....gotta love bad marketing.

    According to Golf Digest this putter got a gold award, and it describes it(them) as an introductory offering from KiaMa and TM. NOT an introductory price at all.

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    walked into my club proshop yesterday and was handed a 34" TP by KiaMa Maranello, I didnt leave it behind. Now saying that, my club sells to members 15% over cost and I had some shop credit from a event. I know the resale vlaue is not going to be there like a cameron but the putter is hands down the best feeling putter i have used.
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