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question/poll to see how many would like to see this
Ok fellas,

now is your time to chime in. I am considering making some attempts to possibly get some people in here to talk to the Juniors only about potentially hosting a chat at a given time, kind of like the Sponsor Chat type thing except for juniors only so as to be able to address the concern of the juniors on this forum. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in being able to speak to people about shafts, clubs, etc. if I can possibly find people willing to speak to the junior audience. This would of course be a moderated chat with only questions that we, the moderation, see fit to pass. This would not be a dictatorship and only our questions or friends questions but so as to have the best chat possible we would monitor the questions. So please voice your opinions first in the poll on the general yes or no answer. Then please make a post about what you might like to see happen. Please no outrageous requests, I'm not gonna be able to get Scotty Cameron to come in and talk to a chatroom full of juniors. Thanks very much.

P.S. I hope this would be OK with you Ryan and other admins, I dont want to rub anyone the wrong way. Im just trying to get this forum a little more active for the junior crowd. Please PM me if you find this objectionable. (i hope not, id love to see this happen)

Happy posting,



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    Sounds good. Let me know what you need. Audio is easiest but, does take some work to setup. Moderated type chat is easy but, have to take the guest speakers computer skills into consideration. I would love to see some AJGA rep or a fitness instructor type chat. Those would be great. Maybe even someone to talk about PGM...
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    That was one of my first things was to see if I could get a fitness person in to talk about golf workout routines for the younger crowd. I notice in the junior chat, since I've basically become a chat junkie, that many times the juniors are trying to find good routines for golf as well as taking into account that they are still growing. Closure of the growth plates is a very big concern for the junior community especially nowadays when everyone is so large, to really be competetive it seems you have to be in top physical shape. I was also thinking of trying to bring in someone or different people to try to speak to the junior community about fitting of shafts and clubs, and the importance of fitting and benefits of certain things, and maybe give some clarifying explanations of things that juniors have on their minds. I appreciate the extreme flexibility you guys offer as administration Ryan. I have enjoyed the opportunity to take this position on the Junior Mod Squad and try to give back to the community as much as I can. I'm gonna do some research and see what I can muster up and then let you know what way were going to set up the chats.

    As always Many Thanks,

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    Great idea adam,

    Possibly some AJGA officials or college advisors/coaches....gotta run goin to D.C. for the weekend...see you all when i get back.

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    yes, that idea is great, im an avid golfer, and looking to go to college, im a 3 handicap, so i think it is generally possiblefor that to happen, and a fitness instructor would be great to give tips on not only physical excersizes to gain distance or anything of that sort, but also mental ones, because i know that playing golf as a kid, if you want to be good you have to have a good mental game!!!

    great idea adam!!!!
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    I agree 100%, somebody to talk about fitness, club fitting, and college/ golf career after college. I would be interested to talk to some club R&D guys as that interests me as a career.

    I noticed too, that the junior forum is not as active as some of the other. Granted their are less juniors here overall, but there are quite a few that post as much as any. We just need to get some interesting threads going. I will try to start some threads.

    Happy Wrxing

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    Yer I would love to see college coach or adviser here to answer everyones questions.

    It would also be good to talk to someone in the club industry telling us about what we would have to do to get into club design, making, marketing and all those area's.

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    Sounds like a good idea. I would especially like to hear from a College coach, but an AJGA rep would be sweet. This would add to the wealth of info on the college golf scene, which I am looking into.
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    Great Idea Adam, This would be awesome ! I can't wait !

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