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How many flatsticks do you own?



  • wkndhackwkndhack Members Posts: 908 ✭✭
    Odyssey Metal X 6 CS

    Taylormade Ghost Tour Black Daytona

    Seemore FGP

    Boston Bruins Novelty Happy Gilmore style
    Cobra King F7+ Evenflow Black 65 6.0
    Cobra King F7 3W Oban Isawa Red 75-04
    Cobra King F6 Baffler Aldila Tour Blue 85S
    Cobra King Utility ONE 21.5 C Taper Lite 110S
    Cobra King Forged Tec Black ONE 5-GW C Taper Lite 110S
    Cobra King Pur 54V, 58V DG S200
    Bettinardi QB8
    Srixon Q-Star Tour
  • dan360dan360 Paisano Members Posts: 5,410 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Too many, as has been said. In order of acquisition:

    PING B60

    PING Anser

    TaylorMade Rossa Monte Carlo 7

    TaylorMade Imola Kia Ma handmade proto

    Piretti Cortino Stealth weldneck

    Piretti Teramo CS

    'Piretti & Co.' Cortino GSS weldneck tour proto

    Cameron Squareback Circle T

    Not even gonna begin to bore ya'll with the list of past flings....
    WITB 29JUL2019
    • Epic Flash SZ 9° HZRDUS Smoke Black 70g
    • Epic Flash SZ 15° HZRDUS Smoke Black 70g
    • shopping for this gap...
    • CB3 4-G 
    • PM Grind '19 54/60/64
    • Anser 2 Jim Wells Tour Proto 36"
  • benclabbenclab golfn702 Members Posts: 1,628 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    I only have one right now. Odyssey rx V Line fang. But I might pick up a different flat stick here soon.
    Ping G400 LST 8.5* w/ Kuro Kage 60x
    Titleist 915 Fd 15* and 18* w/ Diamana WB 80x
    Mizuno MP54 3 iron w/ PX 6.5
    TaylorMade MB 4 thru 9 w/ PX 6.5
    Mizuno T7 48*, 52*, and 58* w/ DG
    Odyssey O works 1WS; 33 inches
    Taylormade TP5X
  • BrandonDunesBrandonDunes Members Posts: 428 ✭✭✭✭
    In order:

    1. Never Compromise Sub 30 D3

    2. Ping PAL 2

    3. Heavy Putter (never use)

    4. Scotty Cameron Golo 5
    Driver - Callaway Epic SZ 10.5º
    3W - Taylor Made Jetspeed HL º17
    H - Callaway Xhot Pro 23º
    Irons - Mizuno JPX919 Hotmetal 5-GW
    SW - Callaway MD3 (S-52º)
    LW - Callaway MD3 (W-58º)
    Putter - Scotty Cameron
  • razz11razz11 Members Posts: 340 ✭✭
    I used to have a lot more, but after figuring out that I cannot putt with anything more than half shaft offset the collection has slimmed down quite a bit. Probably look to add a slant neck Spider sometime this summer and then slim it down more. Really only game the Cayman Brac, Bullseye, and hopefully I'll like the Mod 90 when it shows up! Sadly I probably have this many iron sets too...

    Rife Cayman Brac

    Rife Bimini

    Rife Aruba

    Rife Barbados

    Nike Mod 90

    Scotty Cameron Bullseye Flange

    Scotty Cameron 2.6

    Tad Moore Pro1S

    Wilson 8802 (2014)
    Titleist 909 D2 Diamana Blueboard
    Titleist 909 F2 Diamana Blueboard
    Mizuno MP69 3-P S300
    Nike Engage 52 S - 56 TS - 60 S
    Guerin Rife Cayman Brac
    Sun Mountain SwiftX
    Taylormade Tour Preferred
  • vmanvman Members Posts: 1,247 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    I've probably had 300+ over the years but I'm now down to 2 and they're both the same apart from different grips.
    CALLAWAY X2 HOT 3 DEEP 14.5*
    CALLAWAY MD FORGED 50* 54* 58*
  • SittySitty Members Posts: 89
    2 with one headed to the classifieds

    Ping Scottsdale TR Craz-e

    Ping Cadence TR Anser2 CB (counter balanced)
  • djcoolaid1914djcoolaid1914 Members Posts: 105
    3 total

    2 SeeMore (mFGP2)

    1 Odyssey (works 7)
  • RobClarkeRobClarke Members Posts: 338 ✭✭✭✭
    18 gamers right now
    Ping G400 woods
    Ping i25 irons
    Vokey sm5 wedges
    putters rotate.. ;)
  • gardemyrgardemyr Members Posts: 390
    I have 21 putters right now

    - Bettinardi BB1 2010

    - Bettinardi BB32 2010

    - TM Corza Ghost

    - Odyssey WHP #7

    - Odyssey Versa #9

    - Scotty Cameron Limited Release Catalina Classic

    - Cleveland Classic 5.5

    - Scotty Cameron Napa (1990's)

    - Scotty Cameron Teryllium 2

    - Cleveland counterbalance project

    - Nike Method 001

    - Seemore Corona Del Mar x4

    - Scotty Cameron Circa 62

    - Ping Anser Milled 5

    - Odyssey Works V-line

    - Ping Redwood Zing

    - Odyssey Black Series 2-Ball blade

    - Ping TR 1966 Anser

    - Odyssey Milled Collection #9

    - Odyssey Works Versa 2-Ball Fang

    - Odyssey Works #1
    [font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]Taylormade M2 with Project Hzrdus Black[/font]
    [font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]Titleist 915F 16.5°[/font]
    [font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]Titleist T-MB 3i
    Titleist AP2 716 4-PW
    Callaway MD3 50, 54, 58[/font]

    [font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]Evnroll ER2[/font]
  • Boricua GolfBoricua Golf Members Posts: 3,388 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    I had 3:

    Scotty Mid Slant Newport 2.5

    Odyssey Rossie #2

    Yes, C-Groove Callie

    After being fitted by Callaway to my V-Line, I sold the rest of them, so I only have one (for now)...
    Ping G LS Tec 10.5*, Ping Tour 65X, tipped 1", 44.25"
    Ping G 14.5*, Diamana Whiteboard D+ 82X, tipped .5", 42.5"
    Ping G 19*, GD Tour AD-DI 105X
    Ping iBlade 4-P, Project X 6.5 Flighted
    Ping Glide 50*, 54*, 58* with Project X 6.5 Flighted
    Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.5 33.25" with Scotty Custom Black Pistolero grip, Ping Karsten TR Zing Tour 32.75", built up blacked out Pingman Grip
    Bridgestone Tour XS (Tiger Edition) and new Pro V1
  • 1970.gpp1970.gpp Unregistered Posts: 1,813 ✭✭
    edited May 13, 2017 #43
    TR 1966 Anser 2

    Karsten TR Anser 2

    Scottsdale TR Anser 2
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  • calogecaloge Members Posts: 453 ✭✭✭✭
    1. Scotty Studio select Newport 2

    2. Yonex adx tour forged

    3. Nike unitized techno something or other

    4. Byron Morgan Dh89

    so four I guess.
  • Calif_MulliganCalif_Mulligan Members Posts: 259
    edited Feb 21, 2017 #45
    Scotty Cameron Circa 62 #3

    Scotty Cameron Monterey honey dipped

    Scotty Cameron Select Newport

    Scotty Cameron Red-X

    Ping Redwood Anser

    Ping Redwood Piper

    Ping Anser Milled 2

    Odyssey Pro Type #9

    Odyssey Black Series #1

    Odyssey Rossie White Hot XG

    That does not count those that I have sold recently.
  • JustChillJustChill Members Posts: 464 ✭✭✭✭
    I think I'm at 7:

    Odyssey Highway 101 #7 (gamer)

    Odyssey Works Versa #7

    Odyssey Works V-line

    Yes! Donna

    Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport

    Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 Mid-slant

    Scotty Cameron California Monterey
    Titleist 910D3 9.5*, Aldila Rogue Silver 60 X
    Titleist 910fd 16.5* Mitsubishi Diamana S+ 82 X
    Titleist 910h 19*, Mitsubishi Diamana Ahina 90HYB S
    Adams CMB, DG AMT S300
    Titleist SM5 50-54-58, DG Wedge
    Toulon Memphis
  • j.a.j.a. Members Posts: 1,540 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    I sold a few but at the moment I have 10, where the first three are gamers:

    Lajosi DD201WB & L-Blade flange, Kingston KP1 GSS,

    SC California Monterey, Sonoma Honey, Sonoma Sea Mist & Bullseye flange

    Rife Aruba, Cleveland T-Frame and Ram Zebra
  • KonkliferKonklifer Thinkin' of a master plan... Members Posts: 7,942 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Only three:

    Rife Aussie Mallet (in the bag)

    Kevin Burns 9306

    Kevin Burns 9300

    However, once I decide on the model, I'll definitely have a Ping Sigma G.
    PING G400 Max 10°
    PING G400 16.5°
    PING G400 hybrid 19°
    PING i25 hybrid 22°
    Callaway XHP 5-AW
    PING Glide 2.0 Stealth, 54° SS, 58° ES
    Kevin Burns 9306
    Snell MTB Red Optic Yellow
  • Arctic FoxArctic Fox Members Posts: 24

    Fred Smyth Pin-Up bullseye double sided - 1974 used

    Carbite rh1 - new 2002 (?) anser type

    Yes Sophia - new 2010-ish (like an 8802)

    Dunlop dg3 mallet - new 2015 - bought to be cut to 31"

    Yes Amy (CS) - used 2015

    Christy O'Connor bullseye double sided - used 2016

    Odyssey dart mallet - used 2016

    Acushnet flanged bullseye M5C - used 2016

    Nike B1-07 - new 2016 anser type

    But I get through a few every year too.

    Its an addiction.

    I find they all work for a maximum of three weeks - before having to be sent back to the garage to reflect on what they are doing wrong.

    The Sophia works best at the moment. The rest are quietly reflecting.

    Oh yes - and I REALLY like the look of the heel shafted Mizuno MP A308 .... and the Scotty Cameron Monterey ..... and ........ and ..............
    Callaway FT-i Draw 10 degree regular
    Callaway FT-i 3 wood
    TM Rescue Dual 3
    TM Rescue Mid 5
    Mizuno JPX 800 HD 6 to PW
    Nike Engage 50/54/58
    American Open 68 degree
    And one of several putters (others in garage reflecting on their poor recent performances)
  • intense3123intense3123 Members Posts: 8
    I currently have 3:

    Odyssey Toe Up #1

    Odyssey Versa #7 centershaft

    Scotty Newport Notchback
  • tbowles411tbowles411 ClubWRX Posts: 25,359 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Like 10...maybe it's 15...
    G410 9 Degree - Yonex Red
    G410 3, 5 & 9 Woods - Yonex Blue
    G410 4-5 Hybrids - UST Recoil
    G410 6-UW - Yonex Proprietary Iron Shafts
    Glide 2.0 54SS, 58 WS
    Glide 3.0 54ES, 58ES (Awaiting release) Yonex Proprietary Iron Shafts
    PING Bruzer
    PING Vault 2.0 Craz-E **Backup**
  • MarkFromTheUKMarkFromTheUK Members Posts: 4,639 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Some people on this thread appear to have issues... image/russian_roulette.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':russian_roulette:' />

    I have two, an Odyssey Works Big T Blade, and an Odyssey O Works 1W.
    PXG 0811X Gen2 9deg Driver - AD-GP 7TX
    PXG 0341X Gen2 15deg Fairway - AD-GP 8TX
    PXG 0311X Gen2 1 DI - KBS Prototype Graphite 95X
    PXG 0311X Gen2 3 DI - KBS Prototype Graphite 95X
    PXG 0311T Gen2 4-PW - Dynamic Gold X7
    PXG 0311T Sugar Daddy 51 - Dynamic Gold X7
    PXG 0311T Sugar Daddy 56 - Dynamic Gold X7
    PXG 0311T Zulu 61 - Dynamic Gold X7
    PXG Brandon H - 34.5”
    PXG Operator H - 34.5”
    Toulon Indianapolis - 34.5”
    PXG 50/50 Staff Bag
    Bridgestone Tour B X

    KaBoom Baby!
  • madrgolfermadrgolfer Members Posts: 164 ✭✭✭
    4 Total:

    Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport

    Scotty Cameron California Monterey 1.5

    Odyssey #5 CS

    Odyssey #7 WBW Versa
    Taylormade M1 460 2016 w/ Kuro Kage 60g S @ 10.5°
    Titleist 915F w/ Tour Blue @ 16.5°
    Titleist 915H w/ Rogue 85 @ 21°
    Taylormade UDI 20° w/ KBS C-Taper
    Titleist AP2 4-PW w/ KBS C-Taper
    Titleist Vokey SM5/6 50°/58°
    Scotty Futura x5
  • naws-golfernaws-golfer Members Posts: 1,581 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
  • SemperFi91SemperFi91 Members Posts: 746 ✭✭
    One - Scotty Cameron X5
    [font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif]Ping G400 - 9*
    Ping G30 - 17*

    Ping G400 - 19*
    Ping G30 - 22*

    Ping G30 - 25*
    TaylorMade P790 Custom Black Finish - 6-GW - Steel Fiber i95 shaft
    Cleveland RTX-4 - 54 and 58
    Scotty Cameron "Joker" X5 34" with 20g Joker weights
  • The_PerrycoxThe_Perrycox Members Posts: 70 ✭✭
    I have 3, the Scotty obviously gets the most use, but I take my Ping Zing with me sometimes to cheap courses and par 3's.

    A 2016 Scotty Newport 2

    An older Ping Zing 2

    My very first putter, a Pin-Hi with a great plumbers neck
    *Cobra F9 Tour Length 9* Tour AD DI 6s
    *Cobra F9 14.5* Tour AD DJ 7s
    *Cobra F6 Baffler 18.5* Tour AD DJ 6s
    Cobra F7 Hybrid 22* Fujikura Pro 75H "Stiff"
    *Cobra Forged Tec Black 5-P Modus 3 105 "S"
    *Vokey SM7 50* F 54* M & 58* K Modus 125 Wedge Flex
    *2016 Newport 2 34"
  • bazinozbazinoz Members Posts: 499 ✭✭✭✭

    Some people on this thread appear to have issues... image/russian_roulette.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':russian_roulette:' />

    You mean, like, not enough putters? image/dntknw.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':dntknw:' />
  • ei19ei19 Members Posts: 90 ✭✭
  • djallen0djallen0 Members Posts: 202 ✭✭✭
    Bettinardi BB25

    Taylormade Spider Belly

    Bettinardi Kuchar Model 2

    Scotty Cameron California Del Mar

    Odyssey Black Series #8

    Currently gaming the BB25 - but wouldn't be opposed to picking up a Bettinardi QB8 or one of those new DJ Taylormade Spiders. Very different shapes but love them both.
  • thardy413thardy413 Members Posts: 137 ✭✭
    Odyssey White Hot 2 ball

    Scotty Cameron Studio Style 2

    Odyssey White Hot Tour #9

    Scotty Newport 2

    Rife Abaco Tour Proto

    Bettinardi SS 14

    Odyssey Protype ix #9 HT

    Ping Anser Milled 4

    Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5

    Odyssey Versa Milled #9 HT

    Cleveland 2135 #8 CB

    Odyssey Black Series ix #9

    Odyssey Milled RSX 001

    And counting...
  • redandwhiteandblueredandwhiteandblue Members Posts: 191

    At least 150 😱

    About 15 of which, mostly flare necks, that I actually game.

    Jesus dude that's a ton

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