All Star Junior Golf tour

And Callaway Junior Series
Are these tours anywhere near the competitive ness as AJGA and Plantation? I was thinking of playing in a tournament for one of these tours and was just curious if anyone has played in one?


  • GooseGoose Junior Mod Squad Posts: 1,270 ✭✭
    The callaway Junior series is competitive and takes good scores to win..... I played the AGT last year and was very dissapointed with the level of competition and the condition of the courses when we played them, I didnt play well and i think it might have had something to do with the level of competetivness which just didnt seem to be there with the AJGT.....

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  • rednumbers69rednumbers69 NW AZ player of the year 2007 Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,027
    i play in th djt which is a sister tour plantation tour. i am woundering if the callawy has any tournaments in az?
  • WilkywayWilkyway Members Posts: 20
    the competition of the all star tour depends on how many people are in it i was in it last year but i saw the same 3 kids were at the top of the leaderboard every event. developed more of a rivalry with individuals from the tour where we later met at the state tournament. great events with good courses but depends on how many people sign up for it. usually get a few chops playing in there but the really good people are going to better tournaments. just an average playing skill by most kids (mid low 80's for most kids)

    the Callaway tourny's are very good though. many people travel with the tournaments all over the country. it is recognized by college coaches as a good tourny and there are some very good players in that one. recomend going to at least one that comes close to you. much better courses but they are all over the country so it takes lots of traveling.
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