Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.5 Milled - thoughts?

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Hey Gang,

What's your thought on this putter? I was in dicks today and loved the feel. I also loved the deep grooves but at $375 it's expensive. Does the ping milled answer putter have similar characteristics at lower price? Should I go with a Scotty or save some money and pick up a ping?

Any thoughts would be helpful
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    Here is the model I'm talking about

    Here is the model I'm talking about
    Ping K15 Driver - 10.5*
    Ping K15 3 Wood 16* & 5 Wood 19*
    Ping Karsten Hybrids 19* 22* 25*
    Ping Karsten Irons 6-PW
    Ping Karsten Wedges 51* 55*
    Ping Scottsdale Greyhawk TR Putter
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    Scotty vs Ping. Apples to oranges. All about personal preference

    p.s. you have a duplicate thread.
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    I have it. Love it. I chose the 2.5 over the Newport 2 because of how it fit my eye at set up. You will not be disappointed. However, Ping makes excellent putters too. In my opinion. you can't go wrong with either.
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    I have a 2.5. I sent it off to get customized and it didn't get back before i left for a trip last week so I took my Odyssey white hot that's the same neck style. Now, I had previously said I'd never get rid of that Odyssey because I love the face. I won't ever have that in the bag over my 2.5 again. I love that thing. I've never been a Ping fan so my opinion there isn't worth much. The nice thing about Scotty's is that they are always worth something. In 5 years, it will be worth a lot. I've been trying to put together a Scotty collection and it's about impossible.
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    I love my 2.5 as well. Super clean from the topline view.
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    IMO, the studio stainless from the early 2000's was the best feeling Scotty ever. Buy a nice used one and save some coin. image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
    Welcome to where dumb opinions are better than no opinion. :)

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    If a flow neck fits your stroke, and you like the Newport 2 (Anser 2) style head, the 2.5 is a great putter. I just picked up a used 2016-17 Newport 2.5 and love it.
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    I actually ordered this over the weekend. The flow neck and head shape was what I was looking for. I was comparing this against the Toulon Long Island and Bettinardi Stock Studio 8 at PGASS.

    Comparing the Newport against a Ping is apples and oranges like another poster stated. Feel wise, the Ping is more like an Odyssey putter; I currently game the O Works #1. You're looking at milled vs insert style putter; each has a unique feel that you have to try.
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    I’m a big fan of flow necks! But, I have the older Santa Fe/Newport models.
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