Ping G400 9 wood and Ping G25 hybrid

pingman_24pingman_24 Members Posts: 204 ✭✭
I have a Ping G400 9 wood set at 23° and have just purchased a new Ping G25 23° hybrid.

My question is which will go further?

I know both clubs are the replacement for a 4 iron according to Ping but the G25 was a 4 iron replacement when the 4 iron was about 23°. The 4 iron now in the G400 is 20.5° so the 9 wood replaces a stronger iron so I'm thinking its more of a 3 iron replacement against the G25 line.

I purchased the G25 23° after a range session where I noticed a significant gap between 27° hybrid and the 9 wood. I bought it on a whim so hoping it fills the gap.

Any thoughts.
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Ping G400 9 Wood 23.5° Alta CB
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