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I want to dabble in a 5 wood. I've never gamed one. Please suggest an inexpensive one to start with. something less than $120. Would prefer something that can adjust the lofts +/- 1 degree.

I'm looking at this as something to possibly use off the tee from time to time but mostly to give it a go for 2 on a par 5.


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    Used Titleist 910f? The Bay and the BST are your friends here.

    Recommended: Buy 5 used 5 woods for $30 each all at the same time. Figure out that you don’t like any of them. Sell them all. Saves time and money vs buying $100 clubs repetitively for the next 2 years. Trust me.
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    Ping i25. It's a beaut. Solid ball flight.
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    beluga99 wrote:
    Ping i25. It's a beaut. Solid ball flight.
    almost impossible to find one. I suggest cobra fly z. Bought mine for 100$cdn new.
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    Depends on what head shape you prefer. I have carried a Cobra Bio Cell+ 5-7 wood for a few years. Very compact head but plays almost like a hybrid and is outstanding on narrow par 4's from the tee box. The stock Matrix Ozik shaft is also really good. The F6 Baffler is basically the same club for a little more money and has the rail system alot of folks like.

    If you prefer a wider/thinner head the Callaway XR and X2 Hot are both good options as well.
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    G25, RBZ/2, XHot 2s are great choices. image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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    I was in the same boat I really want to try a 5 wood I went to global golf and picked up a tour edge for around $30 best club I have hit ended up replacing my 3 wood and 4 hybrid with exotics from global golf. I went with the xcg6 series
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    I've posted about it before in 5 wood threads but I got a Tour Issue small head Aeroburner 5 wood and it's my favorite club in the bag. Great off the tee or deck. It feels wonderful and solid as well. Oddly enough because I loved it so much I bought a Tour Issue Aeroburner yardbirds 3 wood and Absolutely HATED it. After 2 range sessions it was sold.
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    I picked up an alpha 816 head from the bst here in the fall because I struggle with hybrids. Absolutely love it plus I feel it is still very relevant with production compared to new equipment. Smaller profile head, but easier to hit than one would think. Paid $60 for the head.
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    RBZ Stage 2. Not the prettiest to look at but as solid as any wood out there new or old. Can be had for cheap!
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    Cobra f6 with baffler. It kicked my 3w out of the bag. Fairway finder off the tee and confidence off the deck into par 5s.
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    C-rad wrote:

    beluga99 wrote:
    Ping i25. It's a beaut. Solid ball flight.
    almost impossible to find one. I suggest cobra fly z. Bought mine for 100$cdn new.
    hey me too

    I absolutely love hitting this thing off the deck
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    Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 was a great one for me. You could also look at a few years old Titleist or even the RBZ stage 2.
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    I have the 915F in a 5 wood. It was imo the best of that series.

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    Ping i25 is a great idea (I'm in the same boat, looking for a good 5 wood). Think I'll get one and buy a Kiyoshi HB to out in there.
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    Callaway, Ping , and Cobra.

    The older Cobra Bio Cell & Amp Cell are overlooked, and cheap.
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    The blue/silver Big Bertha. Can be had for ~$100 on CPO.
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    fsutanker wrote:
    Cobra f6 with baffler. It kicked my 3w out of the bag. Fairway finder off the tee and confidence off the deck into par 5s.

    This is the correct answer

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