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I'm wondering why the pro decided on the Tensei blue 60 stiff for me. Based on the launch monitor I was fading the ball more and lost about 5-10 yds over my current set up (R11 with 63 rayon x-stiff). Once he switched me to the Tensei blue x-stiff I got the distance back and lost a lot of the fade. The only thing I can think of as to why he thinks the stiff is better is just my swing speed and launch angle.


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    This is a question to ask your Pro. If you liked the x flex results better that is what you should have gone with. In the end it’s your fitting and your decision to make.
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    He said I was struggling to get around with the x-stiff. Without actually seeing my swing I just have the trackman data, which is showing the x-stiff was much better for me. I may just buy an x-stiff anyways.
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