Have room for 1 more club, no gaps, need WRX'er advice on what club to add

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Ok, I just went from a 50/54/58 combo, to a 52/56 combo, and this opened up a spot in the bag for one more club. Thing is, I don't really have any gaps. I would love to hear WRX'er recommendations on what club to add. Edit: I want to keep 56 as my highest lofted wedge. I don't want to only carry 13 clubs, gotta add a 14th.

So, here is my current set up and yardages. What do you recommend I add?

Driver 240-250 I think

4w 205

7w 190

23 hybrid 175

5i 165

6i 155

7i 145

8i 135

9i 125

pw 115

52 100

56 85 Want 56 to be highest lofted wedge

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    Can def come in handy around the greens.
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    Well if you have no gaps and just have to add a club maybe think about having two clubs that go the same yardage but different purposes like maybe a 2 or 3 iron for low stingers that run. Or maybe a 220 yard club. Or a lefty club for when you’re standing next to a tree or or you’d be standing in a water hazard or bunker but would be fine with a lefty club. Just my thoughts
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    Chipper with a two sided face so you can you play out left handed when in trouble. It will save you at least 3 shots a season.
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    I wouldn’t add one if you don’t need one. I only play 13, and don’t see a reason to add another if all gaps are covered.
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    Your biggest gab is between Driver and 4w. Get a 12-14* wood with tall face for hitting off the tee on tighter holes. Still think you would be better off adding a 60 though.
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    Given your stated set of parameters, the gap between the driver and the 4w is where the 14th club goes. Either find a club that you can, somehow someway, hit 220ish off the turf, OR add in a 2nd driver that does something "automatically" that your current driver doesn't. In an ideal world, the same club could potentially do both.

    For me, I have a 2nd driver and a long turf club rolled into one. It is a 12° TEE fairway that does a bunch of specific jobs for me. It is a club that I can hit off the turf a long way, provided there are no hazards to carry or that factor in too much. If there are those conditions, I hit my 4w when applicable. But, it is also my 2nd driver, going a hair shorter, higher, and straighter than my actual 1w. But again, it does something specific that the big dog can't do. I can make it go left!

    So, to make a long story medium, get yourself a 220yd shot club that can do a specific job, and do it really well!
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    I just wouldn't add one. No rule says you have to have 14 clubs. I play similar to you in that I like 56* to be my highest lofted wedge. I only play 12 clubs and don't miss the other two and never feel like I'm missing anything.

    If you must add a club I'd add a driving iron for when you need to hit something low and accurate off the tee but I really don't think its necessary to fill up your bag.
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    I see u got a seven wood and 23 hybrid. Good clubs but they tend to go High? If I were you i should get a 3 or 4 driving iron. A club that gives u a low ball flight those windy days.

    That kind of club can give u same yardagens as your 7 wood and hybrid. But they can be a more safe choice when its windy
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    Driving iron if you need a to hit a low one of the tee
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    ... Seems to be a luxury spot opening and in that case a Driving Iron might be useful. Something to hit of the tee on windy days or for accuracy on a tight hole. A 19/20* should fit in your bag nicely and while you may be repeating the yardage of your 7 wood, it will give you options off the tee or even from the fairway on windy days or courses with good roll like Texas.
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    I’d add a 60° LW. It will help around the green and with shots under 75 yards. I promise it will save you more strokes than a club filling a distance gap between your driver and 4 wood.

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    Think "utility": A high lofted hybrid (25-27°) comes in handy when the ball ends up in places you'd rather not be.
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    I would go mini driver. The 12 degree either Calloway or Taylor Made. I think you could get it out there a good ways off of the tee and slot of people can hit them well in the fairway
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    dnalepoca wrote:

    Well if you have no gaps and just have to add a club maybe think about having two clubs that go the same yardage but different purposes like maybe a 2 or 3 iron for low stingers that run. Or maybe a 220 yard club. Or a lefty club for when you’re standing next to a tree or or you’d be standing in a water hazard or bunker but would be fine with a lefty club. Just my thoughts

    Agreed, something that goes 220-225 off the deck or a second sand wedge with a different grind on it.
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    Get a lefty 4 iron to punch out when you're up against a tree image/taunt.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':taunt:' />
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    I was just thinking a 4 iron for punch outs and stingers. Or you could go with a driving iron, I have the Ping Rapture and I would NEVER let it out of my bag. BB
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    Without a doubt, this guy...

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    Your biggest gap is between driver and 4w. If you can, I’d add a 3 wood to get some extra yardage and then either a 5w or lower lofted hybrid.
  • cqueencqueen  108WRX Points: 20Handicap: 4-7Members Posts: 108 Fairways
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    look for a 2 hybrid. that should close up your gap between driver and your next club.
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    I wouldn’t worry about it
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    Very similar distances here. Eerily. Different clubs at the top tho.

    I like the 3w suggestion. Same w the 60*.

    But my question is what degree your pw is. I wanna know if you can fit a club in between the pw and 52 for those tweener shots.

    I don't know that u need a 3w to tee off with, bc since I share those distances, I know we're not guys who need a smaller club off the tee. If I hit driver 300, sure, I could slip a 3w 250 for control. Must be nice but not for us.

    So more precise distance control on the small end is a good thing. I'd get really persnickety on the wedge distances and decide if I want a specialty club somewhere in the mix.

    The chipper idea actually wasn't bad.
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    Strong 3w
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  • SolidstrikeSolidstrike  303WRX Points: 51Members Posts: 303 Greens
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    I agree with the strong 3w suggestion. It makes the most sense.

    I also have an unorthodox idea as well. Perhaps add a second 56 wedge that has a different grind. One 56 could be high bounce for bunker shots and deep rough, and one could have less bounce and a trailing edge grind for tighter lies and chips from the fairway. Another benefit is that you will have a 56 with sharper grooves that haven’t been warn down by bunker shots. Crazy suggestion, I know.
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  • Dr.FrankenputzDr.Frankenputz  855WRX Points: 170Handicap: 13Members Posts: 855 Golden Tee
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    I like the driving iron idea. Or change your wedges to pw, 50, 54, 58.
  • Ryan3773Ryan3773  203WRX Points: 26Handicap: 12Members Posts: 203 Fairways
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    Seconded for the ping rapture driving iron(2 iron). I use it out of the trees more than I admit. When I miss left and have to hit a hook punch out of trouble, or am hitting directly into the wind it’s the only club I use.
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  • DivinDaveDivinDave Longview Texas 597WRX Points: 117Handicap: 13.8Members Posts: 597 Golden Tee
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    Add another wedge of the same loft you have, but with either more or less bounce or different grind to account for different course condtioins and sand types.
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    I had room in my bag for one more club. I added a 62º wedge. Great for around the hole when you don't have much green to work with.

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