2018 callaway xforged - LEGIT!!!



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    np78 wrote:

    I hit these at range tonight . OMG they feel so good its crazy.

    the ball launchs high and goes far - almost like a GI iron but still providing enough spin to stop on the green.

    What shafts?
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    Anyone coming from 2013 xforged with PXi to 2018 with the LZ? How do the shafts compare/feel?

    PXi 6.0 is the best I've played for my swing.
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    Big fan.
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    It's going to be my J15CBs vs. the new X-Forged. This is going to be a Battle.

    Anyone try these with Modus 3 120-130s?
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    mallrat wrote:

    Let me preface what i'm About to say With I really like the X-forged. That said i'm just have an affinity towards MB's.

    Yesterday I was at the local shop just talking with 2 fitters. 1 guy was being fit and they other guy was looking at some numbers as I hit some irons (new Apex MB, Bridgestone Tour X-B). The ball speed numbers were way down compared to the TM 790 and 770's. Averaged about 5 or 6 mph.

    All 7 irons

    Apex MB - 34*

    B'stone Tour Blade - 35*

    TM790 - 30.5*

    TM770 - 33*

    Plus both TM clubs are PCBs. There's a bit of forgiveness in them that the blades don't have, another possibility for the increased ball speed.


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    Looks like Tour Issue AMT S400 is a free upcharge - Next Set !
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