Golf apps for multi-round, mult-course event

Hello fellow WRXrs. I am seeking feedback/recommendations on apps supporting multi-round, multi-course outings. My buddies and I do an annual outing, playing three rounds, two rounds at one course on the first day and a third round on a second, different course on day two. Below is what I've tried:

Blue Golf Rounds

This app is great for a single round. However, when trying to use for multi-round outings I've found the scorecard entry never advances past the first round. Of course that is problematic as you cannot enter scores beyond the first round. Has anyone used this app effectively beyond a single round outing?


I've only experimented with this app, seems promising. However, when trying to setup a multi-round, multi-course event, I am unable to select the same course twice. Also, I cannot add players to the tournament. Has anyone experienced a successful use of this app for multi-round, multi-course events?

The Grint

I recently downloaded this app but haven't seen capabilities of multi-round, multi-course events. Does anyone have a user experience with multi-round, multi-course events?

Any other suggestions on apps I have not mentioned?

Thanks in advance for any responses, I appreciate any and all help on this topic.
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    what did you end up using? and how did you like it? we did tracking manually this year and found that to be quite tedious.
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