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Horrible PXG experience



  • payerasjlpayerasjl  783Members Posts: 783
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    OP trolling.
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    These threads exist for every manufacturer ... bottom line is, like almost every business, it's about the people. Get a good fitter/good CS rep/good pro, you leave with a positive impression. Bad people, bad impression.

    I could take two sets of identical clubs from any company and make one customer happy and the other pissed off, just by actions and communication.
  • farmerfarmer  8186Members Posts: 8,186
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    I'm completely neutral about PXG. Never seen any, never hit any, and would never spend that much money. But, I agree with the OP. For a premium price, he should be entitled to premium service.
  • DFS PFDDFS PFD  1108Members Posts: 1,108
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    Not really sure what is meant by not having received "premium service" but PXG's fittings have been top notch of the three I've been to. Sounds like he had a fitting by his "pro" since he's the one "confirming" they're shipping next day, So who's actually to blame?
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    DFS PFD wrote:

    Not really sure what is meant by not having received "premium service" but PXG's fittings have been top notch of the three I've been to. Sounds like he had a fitting by his "pro" since he's the one "confirming" they're shipping next day, So who's actually to blame?

    Agree! If OP didn't go the master fitting route, than that's not on PXG.
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  • MeanmachinemoeMeanmachinemoe  1391Members Posts: 1,391
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    OP, if you should start the thread "Horrible Deal or No Deal" Experience. There's a lot of righteous dudes that frequent this forum. I had a simple post a couple of months back that eventually got locked because of all the nastiness. Sorry!
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  • HubijerkHubijerk  832Members Posts: 832
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    I havn't had many experiences with PXG but I have hit the stuff and it's good. I have said before I don't really feel like I'm there target customer and resigned myself to the idea that I wouldn't get much attention from them as I simply can't afford most of their products. Most of their demo's seem to be at expensive private clubs because honestly that's their target market.

    Well with the release of the Operator I wanted to try it as I like my Spider but the Operator seems to address all of the issues I have with it, to me it looks like a better Spider with a milled face and I wanted to try it. I tried to attend one of the Demo days at one of these Private clubs so I could roll the putter but I was unable to. My friend and fitter (who is not an official PXG dealer btw) called the rep and asked when I would be able to test the putter, and the new driving iron, the rep informed him that he would be out of town for a week.

    Long story short the Rep left me a putter and a driving iron to play with for the week. Now I know this is probably not a big deal to most, but for me this was unexpected and a pleasant surprise. I have yet to meet this guy (Pete the rep for Vegas) but in the spirit of fairness I felt the need to post a positive experience as there are a lot of negative ones.

    Btw the Operator is impressive in both build quality and playability and I will be ordering one as soon as he gets back in town. 1 month ago if you asked me if I would have a PXG club in my bag I would have said you were nuts.

    As far as Bob goes, I've always felt like I've never belonged with the upper crust that many associate with golf, I think it stems from a few really poor experiences at private clubs hosting junior events when I was young. The idea of a gritty dirty Devil Dog buying a world class golf club and selling high end golf clubs to the rich country club elite is amusing to me.. Personally I'd love to meet the guy and god does it seem like being a member (or even just playing) his Scottsdale National club would be a **** of a good time.

    So my feelings are good for him and the brand and I hope they succeed.
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  • phillyspecialphillyspecial  503Members Posts: 503
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    Im receiving mine in a few days, 17 business days from order. My fitting and the service was awesome. I just think at 400/iron the ground shipping is very lame (from clubs built to arrival = 6 biz days). 2-day that guys come on.
  • PingZing99PingZing99  1Members Posts: 1
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    I, too, had a similar experience. Upon release of the 0211 Heros Program I was notified of the discount. I scheduled my fitting at the Scottsdale store in early August 2019. The fitting was fine but quick. I also got fitted for the Gen 1 driver that was free through the program if you purchased the irons. I was unsure of the irons and was still getting fitted for Mizunos and Taylormades so I could make a decision, I informed my fitter about my need for the other fittings before I pulled the trigger. He said he would email me a copy of the cost with the shafts, etc. - but he never did. I figured I would go with PXG because I was getting a free driver and a substantial discount through the Hero’s Program. Once I made up my mind, I called to get the cost to order them and no one will call me back, email me back, or give me the information, I even contacted the front office and they didn’t help me either. My fitter was Matt Riley, a master club fitter and he has not returned my calls or emails. I ended up buying the Taylormades and will never step foot in a PXG store again. Even with the discount, the terrible customer service wasn’t worth it. If that jarhead Bob Parsons is going to run a place like that, better to go somewhere else!

  • K13K13 Denver 159Members Posts: 159
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    Sorry to hear you guys had a bad experience - mine has been the opposite. Got the irons within a couple weeks of order without issue (I'm in Denver so the ground was 2-day from ship date), and was only fit for irons originally.

    Also got the free Gen 1 driver with the heroes program, and thought after a couple rounds that it would make sense to be sure I got the right shaft. Reached out via the online form to set up another fitting, got a phone call back next business day, and scheduled it for the following week. Was pretty thorough - went through 6-7 different shafts, and a bunch of loft/lie/weight config settings to get it all dialed in. I'd been fit for irons a few times, but never driver for whatever reason - by the time i walked out the change in setup had me with 10-15 extra yards from the club. (which is why I have a Project X Even Flow Blue on BST right now). No pressure at all to buy the Gen 2 which, if anyone hasn't tried it, is noticeably better than the Gen 1 driver.

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  • SubaruWRXSubaruWRX  3457Members Posts: 3,457
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  • jkmacgurujkmacguru Golf the Northwest  272Lefty Boomers Posts: 272
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    My experience purchasing some 0311T's from Globalgolf with a bunch of coupons and trade-ins from goodwill was amazing. The fitting was perfect after I gave my desired specs to a buddy of mine who adjusted them.


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