Using a Nike 3H RH head on a 4H LH shaft is

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....essentially everything backwards, except the lofts where I should just be accounting for the numbers up/down in 1 degree increments as up/down from the default loft of the clubhead?

So the left/right markings for open/closed face would be opposite, right is left and left is right?

And I assume the 'stock loft' of the head would be 19, since the adapter goes from 17-21?

Would look like this:


Nike Vapor Flex specs:

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    You are correct.

    (I play all nike and flex loft).
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    Hack Daddy wrote:

    You are correct.

    (I play all nike and flex loft).

    Thanks - assuming that a hosel marked L is Left, and that the right/left settings are reversed was an easy one.

    Am I correct that the 'stock loft' of the Vapor Flex 3H head is 19? And if the flexloft adapter is set in the middle (for a 4H) at 23 - that would be 19, and 25 would be 17?
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    Bump this back up, see if anyone can confirm the above.
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