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Aldila RIP'd NV characteristics

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I've just been fitted into an Accra Tour Z485 M5 in my 3 wood (Rogue sub zero 13.5*) and just hit a few balls on the trackman with my current driver (Epic 9* with stock Rogue X) and saw the spin was 4500rpm/ballooning ball flight. So am looking for a shaft which has a lower ball flight and lower spin and have a few shafts lying around but not sure of which ones would play similar to the Accra as neither company makes the shaft so can't find the specs.

Have an Aldila rip'd NV stiff and a matrix red tie 6Q3 X stiff. Before I get some callaway shaft tips, any advice on which shafts would play like the accra on a cheaper budget or if either of these shafts might do the job?

Realise I probably need a lesson more than equipment change to correct the spin but thats less fun

Driver swing speed is 110mph, attack angle -1

Many thanks


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    I have a similar swing speed and a slightly more positive AOA than you. I moved *from* the stock RedTie 6Q3 stiff in my BC+ *to* a RIP'd NV TX (flexes slightly different than you, YMMV) and saw a great improvement in spin and ball flight akin to the one you're seeking.

    No idea how the Accra plays, I've never hit one, but if you're looking for low/low the Aldila is definitely the one to try, the RedTie is more mid/mid in my experience. If the stiff is too whippy you can find overstock TM-printed RIP'd shafts on the Bay for like $35-40
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    Niknar11 wrote:

    and just hit a few balls on the trackman with my current driver (Epic 9* with stock Rogue X) and saw the spin was 4500rpm/ballooning ball flight.

    It will probably take more than a shaft change to take care of that much spin. Or at least, not in terms of hoping a 'low launch/spin shaft' will help.

    Sure, for some, softer shafts can add some dynamic loft at impact but not enough to cause that high a spin. Two possible causes are 1) impact low on the face and 2) too much dynamic loft delivered (or both). That doesn't mean an equipment change (or even a shaft change) can't help, but you need to take a different track other then just trying the "low launch/spin" shafts. The problem is a swing problem but equipment changes can have some influence on the swing. Unfortunately, everyone is a bit different in that respect so there is no tried and true formula that can be used. It's going to take some trial and effort work on your part to see what might work and what might not.

    First thing to do is to check the face impact. Get some foot powder spray and see where impact is occuring and how consistent that impact location is.

    If it is impact location that's the problem, the most common way to help that is to reduce the playing length. It's also important that the shaft weight and head weight (swing weight) be fit correctly. Those weight characteristics can also impact sequencing and release so can also effect the dynamic loft issue (although only to a certain extent). It's possible that the feel coming from the shaft loading/unloading can effect the release as well, so stiffness profile can be an issue as well BUT weight is generally the much more common cause so should be ruled out first before worrying about stiffness profiles.

    This is a really good thread to help you through the process of fitting yourself for both playing length and those weight issues. After you go through this and if the impact is good and the spin is still high, then it's time to try some other stiffness profiles.

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    Thanks, all good info. Will do some investigation

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