Newbie Rangefinder Question

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I don't see very well without my glasses, but I can't play with them on (progressive lenses). So, if I get a rangefinder, will I have to put my glasses back on to get a distance with the rangefinder?



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    No. Most good range finders have an adjustable diopter so you can read the numbers. Unless your eyes are really bad you should have no problem.
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    Diopter adjustment on Bushnell Tour V4

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    You'll be able to read them without glasses.

    You can also very easily operate the rangefinder with glasses on, no problem. image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    I play with glasses more often than wearing contacts, and I never take them off to get distances.
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    Thanks for the responses!
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    As a side note, I talked to my eye dr about lenses for golf and he worked with me for a set of contacts that gets my distance vision equal in both eyes. As a note I’m far sighted in 1 eye and near in the other one. The new contacts have improved things on the course for me greatly. Especially reading greens.
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    So I am moderately near sighted. Can't see details at distance. I wear glasses during play and don't take them off and also use a Leupold GX-4i2. I tested using my rangefinder with glasses on and with glasses off and found no difference.

    I think because the lens (of the rangefinder) is so close to your eye, that it assists with magnification, similar to my eyeglasses.

    Long story short, you'll be able to use the rangefinder just fine with or without your glasses on.
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