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It's been a long time since I sold a golf club. Do you have any advice for how to reduce shipping costs? I'm shipping a 3 wood (weighs less than 3 lbs) from Houston to Winston/Salem UPS ground and the label is coming up as $30.44. I even called UPS and got the same rate.

Is that just the way it is now?

Thank you


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    Ship USPS Priority Mail. Get a proper box and it will be under $10.
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    bigmoneyp wrote:

    Ship USPS Priority Mail. Get a proper box and it will be under $10.

    Thank you for your advice
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    You're being hit with an oversized box fee. Every carrier has a limit for big, light packages where they'll charge more.

    Try USPS priority and you may have to trim the box. I've been known to be cutting boxes down in post office parking lots to make length 😁
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    Use the shipping calculator on the site of the carrier you are going to use. 3#'s at 30$+ is an issue with the size of the box ballooning the rate. Likely the box is longer than 48", but ??
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    Box was 51x6x5

    Just shipped USPS and it was $11.75 priority. UPS was $30.50 ground
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    your lucky you don't live in New Zealand you have cheap shipping rates
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