Going to my First Event - Any Advice?

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The LPGA is in my town this weekend and I'd like to go on Sunday (granted if I can figure out how to get a ticket). It will be my first time going to an event, and don't really know what to expect.

Any tips on making my experience a good one?

Should I:

Pick a spot somewhere and sit down and watch?

Walk around the course?

Do I wear golf shoes?

Do I make it an all day event?

Best to go Early AM or Afternoon?

Is food normally overpriced at events?

Is it worth watching the practice area?

Are there venders with Merch to purchase?

Any other tips?

All info is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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    Bring a small stool with you, there is no place to sit down ... literally. Pay the amount extra for the Meijer grand taste tent area. Will be your best bet to take a break in between the action. Follow a group, you will be able to see a few different holes in some spots. Great event, all the best players are there every year.
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    Wear running shoes, not spiked golf shoes. That's weird.

    There's always vendors and I usually spend $100 at events on a polo and a ball marker.

    Walking the course vs sitting is just two styles of doing it, I would walk your first event and then see if it's for you. If not, bring a small folding chair next time.

    Food is not 'stadium price', but it's not 7-Eleven priced.

    The practice area is fun if there's some sort of VIP tent overwatching it, if not, not really.

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    Go early to catch players warming up. I find that to be the best part about tournaments.

    Yes, there is plenty of merch and concession stands.

    Wear a hat and lots of sunscreen.

    Golf shoes?

    There will be plenty of tickets available. Just walk up to the gate and buy one.
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    I recommend picking out a group or two and following them around the course. I did that when I went to the Barclays in 2013 (followed Tiger) and it was awesome. My mom and brother sat beside a green and just watched random shots and said it was boring. Following a group that you like gets you invested in the action. Definitely wear sneakers, not golf shoes. The food is always overpriced at sporting events (literally except for The Masters). But you probably can't bring food in with you so bring some money. Have fun!!
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    Wear sneakers, or comfortable sandals. Why would you want to wear golf shoes?

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    I went to the Masters a few years back, and my biggest regret was not walking the full venue. If it is going to be played somewhere you never think you'll get on to, you might as well do the tour. Plus, you could find a nice quiet spot to enjoy some shots away from the lazier hordes.
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    I’ve always liked to move around so I can see a variety of shots.

    Spend some time at practice area

    Grandstand at 1st tee

    Area where approach shots hit from


    Then wander around to different locations/ holes, and repeat

    Comfortable footwear is a must, along with hat, sunscreen, and, if the option is available, a hospitality tent can do wonders to refresh and recharge if the heat and humidity are up.
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    Don’t bring anything that you don’t absolutely have to have. Anything less important than insulin for a diabetic needs to stay in the car. You can’t imagine how sick you get of carrying stuff after several hours.
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    sanitizer ... hand sanitizer !
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    Don't yell "Dilly Dilly" or whatever the current (or past) catch phrase is. Keep in mind the players are working so be as unobtrusive as possible. I concur about going early and going to the range to watch warmups. Watch the ladies swing, especially their tempo. Most of us can learn A LOT by watching the LPGA! I've been to a couple of LPGA events in the early 90s. It was worth every penny!!!
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    If it may rain, wear comfortable waterproof sneakers, such as hiking sneakers. If you don't have those then golf shoes. So what if someone thinks it's dorky but at least you'd have dry feet.

    Small Chair (check what's aloud) or light blanket to sit on, sun screen, rain suit or rain jacket if there's threat of rain. Don't bring an umbrella. Hand sanitizer. Travel as light as possible.

    I've alway enjoyed a combo of walking and settling in on a good spot.
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    Always wonder about folks that say do not wear golf shoes to a tournament....then walk around with soggy sneakers and wet socks.

    Wear waterproof athletic shoes.

    Courses get watered, it may rain, grassy fields are slippery and wet; people lose footing.

    Spikeless casual golf shoes exist for a reason.
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    Watching tips:
    • If you're into pictures/videos/autographs, then you definitely want to go during practice rounds.
    • The range is really enjoyable. You see a lot of players hitting a lot of shots, and it's a pretty chill atmosphere.
    • If you're a walker, find a good cluster of players you want to see, and walk a couple holes ahead and wait for them to come through, then rinse and repeat. That way you can follow 2 or 3 groups of players for their entire round and get pretty decent vantage points.
    • If you're not a walker, then grab a drink and get ready to talk to strangers all day. I personally would rather spend all day at the range then spend it in the stands on one hole if I wasn't walking.
    • Look for natural terrain with good vantage points
    • Unless you're into butts, you want to be on the right side of the tee box... there's only so many lefties in golf :P
    • Not applicable to original posters question, but figure out where Tiger Woods is playing, and then go to any other place. Trying to see a glimpse of a player through 8 rows of people isn't enjoyable. If nothing else, go several holes ahead and hold your spot like fort knox. Applicable to any player that's the most popular there at the event that week.

    Survival kit:
    • portable toilets... nothing else to say here but be prepared for the worst and it's not uncommon for the soap or sanitizer to be empty... bring your own.
    • prepare for a day in the sun... bring water and sunscreen cause it will be gone in a few hours and by the time you realize you have a problem, you'll be the dope at the first aid station
    • dress appropriately! yes, you'll see girls wearing heels and hoochie mama dresses looking for a pro to marry falling down for everyones entertainment ... but you're smart and know that it's best to wear comfortable clothing and shoes given you might walk 10 miles in the sun that day.
    • know the course conditions... if it might rain, bring an umbrella and water proof jacket. if it's a hilly course and you're walking, obviously wear shoes with good traction
    • parking is going to suck... get over it. some places can bus you in, and others you'll be walking a mile to get to the event. every event is different, but sometimes it's worth paying for the premium parking or carpooling

    • like any golf course, don't move, talk, answer phones, text, etc. when players are getting ready to hit. Yes, even when you think you're way over there away from the action... they can still see you moving. STOP moving. It's not complicated... signs go up, you're body stops moving.
    • turn off your cell phone, and unless it's a practice round you really don't need it. You'll get scolded by every marshall to put it away, and you can't use it when players are anywhere near you, so it's really pointless to bring it outside of emergencies. Put it in the backpack or purse if you have one.
    • speak when spoken too! pros are not interested in your banter, and they don't want to make small talk with you.
    • clap for good shots, cheer for great shots, zip it for bad shots.... not complicated. the mindless clappers that clap for any contact regardless of the outcome aren't appreciated either.

    Sigh... because some people just need to be told these things:
    • don't be the drunken idiot yelling things... even if you think it's kind of funny (which is usually after too many drinks with friends). People around you want to kick your ****, and if nothing else they really don't appreciate it. The players think you're an idiot too, and the marshals might even try to get security if a repeated issue. So if you're goal in life is to be the village idiot... knock yourself out I guess
    • don't shove your way into spaces, or jump in front of kids, to get a vantage point. if you know you want to see certain players, find a spot a hole or two ahead and just wait (you'll get a better spot as well)
    • there are trash cans everywhere... use them please.
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    Go to the practice area. It's awesome watching the consistency of the players and the varying trajectories.

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  • Marc21GolfMarc21Golf Members  240WRX Points: 62Handicap: 12Posts: 240 Fairways
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    I'm planning on getting an Uber to the event, I drove by this morning for round 1 and parking was crazy. Does anyone know if I can bring a backpack or something to carry some of my essentials in (snacks, water, sunscreen, ect), or are bags usually not allowed.
  • golfgirlrobingolfgirlrobin Northern CaliforniaMembers  2386WRX Points: 427Handicap: 2.0Posts: 2,386 Platinum Tees
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    Marc21Golf wrote:

    I'm planning on getting an Uber to the event, I drove by this morning for round 1 and parking was crazy. Does anyone know if I can bring a backpack or something to carry some of my essentials in (snacks, water, sunscreen, ect), or are bags usually not allowed.

    No backpacks. If you go to usga.org, click on Championships and then U.S. Open, you’ll see a section on Fan Information. It has a very long list of prohibited items and is worth reading.
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    Hey Bud... my advice is that if you want to watch golf swings up close, then avoid the crowds (big players)

    Depending on your interest level, the first time can be overwhelming... but decide what you want to get out of it.

    If you do NEED to see “x player,” then get to your vantage point hour or more in advance; that’s the game do play it.

    Also, if you can, I’d highly reccomdnd hitting balls afterwards, if you can... there’s nothing but good swing vibes in your psyche (srs).

    Good luck
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    don't drink too much beer and shout 'get in the hole'
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