Srixon XV are awesome



  • wybrhwybrh Members Posts: 303 ✭✭
    I loaded up on the z-star during the performance pack sale and the Masters sale. Then I tried the XV. Holy crap it's a great ball. So much better in the wind and spins lower, which I like. I guess I'll keep the z's for winter golf and load up on the XV if they have another sale.
  • Chewey85Chewey85 Members Posts: 203
    Anyone have extra XV from the sale and wanna get rid of them please shoot me a message
  • Golfer from MOGolfer from MO Members Posts: 986 ✭✭
    Zstar xv= truf
  • GooseHookGooseHook Keep it Fraiche Members Posts: 11,670 ✭✭
    XV is indeed amazing. It's been a few generations of this ball since I tried it last, but out for 6 holes or so it was pretty much everything you'd want in a ball. I play 90+% of my golf on a tight, windy course with small greens. The ball needs to do a lot of things well to get around.

    Only thing I can't quite reconcile right now is 1) I have a stockpile of TP5x and 2) I heavily prefer the sound and feel of the TM ball off the putter. Other than that, the two balls are so far ahead of their competition for me.
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  • TollBrosTollBros Overseer of the Test Range Sponsors Posts: 4,873 ✭✭
    The most durable Tour level ball by a long shot. At the end of the round, even with double digit wedge shots, it looks near new.

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    I’m half afraid to even post this here for fear of being mobbed, but I have been working through a dozen of the latest XVs I received in a trade. I’ve played the XV on and off since 2012 and always liked it but have been playing softer balls lately, so have been using the XVs on really hot days (of which we’ve had plenty this summer).

    But on several occasions with short irons or wedges, I’ve had well struck shots just completely nose dive. And my playing partners have seen it too. It’s complete bizarre.

    Years ago I played the Polara ball for a few rounds just for fun. On my approach shots if I didn’t line it up like it said to off the tee I would see it sometimes just dive out of the sky.

    With the XV it kinda looks like a knuckleball but climbs and rises like a normal shot then just abruptly dive bombs towards the ground. I’ve seen it happen 3-4 times now and two different partners have noticed it. These aren’t shots missed off the grooves from the rough.
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  • drvrwdgedrvrwdge Members Posts: 2,265 ✭✭
    Revisited the XV this weekend in my club championship. I do like this ball although I’m not sure if I like it more than the Tour B XS. I think the Bridgestone is actually a little longer and def feels softer off of the face. I will say though for being a firmer ball I was really surprised/impressed on the XV’s checking ability on little 5-10 yard pitches. Hit a few that came off hotter than expected but say super quick.
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    I have switched to this ball recently and I particularly love the firmer feel it gives off the putter.
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  • KrizarKrizar Members Posts: 78 ✭✭
    The XV has been my go to as my RZN tour blacks dwindle out. A great performer with predictable spin around the green.
  • chippa13chippa13 Members Posts: 2,251 ✭✭
    As much as I've enjoyed the XV, I played a ProV1X yesterday and boy is that thing fantastic.
  • Bar_StrollBar_Stroll Members Posts: 214 ✭✭
    I have always been a super high spin player. I've changed my swing a lot and have gotten the ball down much lower and also recently switched to Rogue Pro which are similar to most irons in that area, lower lofts, high ball speed, lower spin.

    Being I've always been a high spin and ballooning shot player in the past I picked up 4 dozen mint Z Star XV's. While over all they are great balls I have finally, through swing change and equipment, hit the lower level of spin with this ball. I was hitting 7 and 8 irons that were knuckling through the air and dropping off the flight peak. I have never even gotten close to getting my spin this low. It was strange to watch and happened multiple times a round the first few rounds.

    If you are a high spin player and tend to balloon the ball you definitely need to try these.

    I have a bunch of different year (most are the 2017 model though) mint XV's now if anyone wants to trade.
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  • Treyball344Treyball344 Members Posts: 102 ✭✭
    Just bought 120 of these for $85 so hopefully they'll be decent cuz ill be using them a while
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  • GoStarsGoStars Members Posts: 447 ✭✭
    Where did you buy 120 for $85?
  • Treyball344Treyball344 Members Posts: 102 ✭✭
    GoStars wrote:

    Where did you buy 120 for $85?

    used mint condition on ebay - came today. Look really clean
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  • mcasella08mcasella08 Members Posts: 81 ✭✭
    They are $25 on TGW.
  • Nixhex524Nixhex524 ClubWRX Posts: 4,010 ClubWRX
    Just bought a dozen for 29.99. I usually play the Z star, but I thought I'd give the XV another try. Glad I did. This ball was beastly today. Carry and green stoppage were better than I could have expected... I just remember this ball feeling SO firm and crappy off the putter but I may have totally changed my mind after today. May have to grab another dozen at this price.
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  • elwhippyelwhippy Members Posts: 3,119 ✭✭
    As a Titleist rep said to me many moons ago...Srixon are the company we fear the most. We see them as equals in tech and performance.
  • RainShadowRainShadow Tucson AZ (for now)Members Posts: 3,684 ✭✭
    edited Jan 19, 2019 7:28am #79
    They feel like Top Flights to me, at least the last version from a couple years ago did...YMMV
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  • GolfinPastorGolfinPastor Members Posts: 159 ✭✭
    Has anyone tried the new model of XV yet? I'm beyond ready to try it out!
  • Chopshop23Chopshop23 Members Posts: 97 ✭✭
    I’m really looking forward to testing the new XV. I have a feeling Titleist is going to lose some market share this year
  • Break81Break81 Broke80 Members Posts: 2,022 ✭✭
    Chopshop23 wrote:
    I’m really looking forward to testing the new XV. I have a feeling Titleist is going to lose some market share this year

    Well Titleist will do ok now the V1 and V1X come in yellow. That being said them offering Yellow was a reaction to years of losing market share to Srixon and Cally
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  • BigHook25BigHook25 Members Posts: 2,292 ✭✭
    RainShadow wrote:

    They feel like Top Flights to me, at least the last version from a couple years ago did...YMMV

    They did to me also, but it was the 2016 version I think. I've tried the last few versions and they are much better. A great ball, I could easily play the XV all the time, but I like switching between them and the TP5 and TP5x.
  • LaymanMLaymanM Cincinnati, OHMembers Posts: 2,123 ✭✭
    I just bought 4 dozen at a golf show last night. 2 dozen yellow and 2 dozen white. $20 a dozen!
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  • Golfer from MOGolfer from MO Members Posts: 986 ✭✭
    No duh. With tp5 new and Snell mtb 3best balls on market
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