How old are these

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Acquired a set of Toney Penna irons 2- 11

Just trying to figure out how old they may be.


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    80s I believe
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    OLD Northwestern heel shaft putter
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    According to "Golf Club ID and Price Guide III"-

    Page 36-23- 1974 Toney Penna Super Blade irons with US Patent 228,355 and 431SS in cavity.

    The Toney Penna Super Blade irons had different stamps on the back of the heel to indicate Flex and Pattern of shaft.

    Yours appear to have SB, but without a number.

    The Price Guide also shows that a LH model was offered, but in over 40 years, I have not ever seen a LH TP SB set, so....

    (No, Ted Williams' Toney Penna LH Custom "Splendid Splinter" set was a different model...)
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