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I’ve mostly played casted clubs through the years. I recently went to pxg. While they are unbelievably nice clubs with great feel I just never get the feeling like I hit them or any forged club solid. I get the whole “butter” thing but to me cast clubs give me the impression like there is “meat” in the face, if that makes sense. Thinking of going back to cast clubs. I know this is all subjective but anyone play worse with forged irons?

I get the feeling like I’m going to be messing my irons for awhile.


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    Oh boy
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    IMO, performance will be effected more by head size, loft, lie, face thickness, shaft, etc. Forged clubs are a preference due to the 'butter' feel you get when you strike a shot well, and the feedback you get on poorly struck shots.

    Going from a forged feel to a cast feel, with very similar club dimensions, shouldn't dramatically change physical shot performance. Now, whether or not you felt that shot was good due to the change in feel will only effect how you percieve the feel is (more of a mental aspect).

    You may not have hit forged clubs well, because prior to some recent offerings (players distance clubs), most truly forged clubs were smaller heads and harder to hit well consistently (Cavity Backs and Muscle Back Blades).

    I can relate to this thought process as I currently play mizuno mp 18 sc's and have been considering going to Ping i210's due to the added forgiveness and looks. The one thing I will miss will be the mizuno forged feel on well struck shots. But to me, I can replace that good feeling with hitting more greens.
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    Once you get it in your mind that you can’t play one over another, it’s usually over. Golf is a very mental game and if you feel that way than by all means switch it up. Cast just does not give me the satisfaction of a shot that is struck pure.
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    I recently made the switch from an older set of Titleist CB's to AP3's and the move from going from forged feel to cast feel was interesting. I certainly hit the AP3's better than the CB's but that is because they are meant to be an easier club to hit. Feel wise I've just noticed that mishits feel different. Center strikes to me feel the same between the two. The mishits on both feel bad, just different kinds of bad.
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    Some of the longest and most controversial threads over history have begun with this title.....................popcorn out.

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    Just had this discussion with my buddy this weekend. His response: "I don't need feedback, I don't WANT feedback...I just wanna hit a straight ball and hit more greens in regulation!!!!" image/cheesy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':cheesy:' />
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    Put on some headphones and you will never tell a difference between forged and cast irons. It is all sound and "feel" has very little to do with it.
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    You don't feel sound?
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    volvic10 wrote:

    You don't feel sound?

    The sound of forged clubs is what makes you think they are "buttery soft".
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    I think any club hit out the middle feels pretty good. I love my MP64's but that is mainly due to their size, flight and sole. Have played S56's and would say if I was doing a blind test I would be pushed to tell which was forged and which was cast. The forged v cast arguement usually has people comparing forged blades to GI shovels which of course will feel different, in a blade there is lots more mass behind the sweet spot, that's not because it's forged though.
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    That buttery feeling comes from hitting the center of the face. Hit anywhere else and it's going to feel very harsh.
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    I literally spent an hr at the range switching from the pxg to my trusty RSI Taylor Mades. Both have same specs and shafts, even same grips. I’m to the point where feel and sound mean nothing to me. The pxg were 5ish yards longer but the cast seemed easier to hit. I know, apples to oranges.

    I’m a mental case.

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    As many have said, sound and feel are inextricably linked and often times, that is why people believe forged to feel more solid and buttery than cast clubs.

    That said, I frequently practice with a hitting net and Skytrak. If I turn the ipad away and hit shots with forged blades I can typically tell the quality of shot / where I've missed based on sound and feel. My guessing accuracy goes WAY down when I perform the same experiment with Ping G irons.

    To me, the beauty of forged clubs, in addition to being softer metal in general, is that the process aligns the grains which results in much more consistent feedback. That said, it's definitely not necessary to hit a good golf shot, nor is it something that everyone wants.

    Interesting overview:
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    Give me either or and it will not make a difference for it is all about the angles and consistency. However I will choose forged each time because it generally means better craftsmanship and quality and I actually do notice less harshness on off center strikes.
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    I thought this was a bad joke when I saw the topic...

    When I hit a Ping in that huge, casted sweet spot, it feels great - like nothing - like a forging - sort of - depends on the forging.

    PXG is not entirely forged, the i500 is not entirely forged, the i210 feels soft like Charmin, but it's not forged. Miura small cavity (haven't hit the blade) feels dense and solid - not buttery, except the 301 - that felt buttery, the 201 like a surgeon's scalpel - precise, dense... Mizuno MP - like sweet margarine or salted butter -- okay, I go too far.

    Just find something you like - feel is a combo of vibrations - sound/feel - that depends on head and shaft - I think - so don't base your decision on feel, base it on what you need, and then feel, if it means that much...
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    If you have played cast for your entire time, why change to forgings? Just asking.

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    OP, you've been a member for ten years. Search is your friend.

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