National Custom Works Pics- Comparison to TM, Cally, Mizzy, Srixon & Scratch

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Original design inspired by Hogan 53 triple crown set w a twist... Phatty 53' with a curved twist. Hot off the grinder and arrived today. I worked with Ari and Patrick to bring this fantasy set to life. While I always preferred Jeff McCoy's rounded smooth shapes I wanted to work with Don White to do a set. Insta... @nationalcustom

You name it they can do it. Don starts with a raw Japanese head and can add any type of muscle you want. Mixed set 4-6 cb and 7-pw blades with SteelFiber i95. Then 50*, 55* and 60* wedges in DG-s400. Raw finish. New stamps for the numbers are so old school. Love them. Don did some crazy grinds on the blades to make the soles a little wider. Nice blunted leading edge to help from digging to much.

Ferrules are red, blue and cream from Boyd Blade and Ferrule Co... @bbandfco

Wedges Finish and stampings: Raw finish with the National logo in muscle per the Pic. DW initials and numbers in same size as the Dufner. Numbers G, S, L. Add the degrees on the backs... 50º, 55º, 60º.

#, Loft, Length, Lie, Bounce, SW

4, 23º, 38.25", 60.0º, 3º, D2,

5, 26º,37.75", 60.5º, 3º, D2,

6, 30º, 37.25", 61.0º, 4º, D2,

7, 34º, 36.75", 61.5º, 5º, D2,

8, 38º, 36.25", 62.0º, 6º, D2,

9, 42º, 35.75", 62.5º, 7º, D2,

PW, 46º, 35.50", 63.0º, 8º, D2,

Comparison Pics with other blades...

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    Great comparison pics. Look forward to the review.
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    Superb set of phatty’s Richard. Really fond of the new small cavity CB as well. An aesthetic improvement over the previous AR1 headshape. I’m somewhere in the queue with a combo set as well. Posts like this only add to the excitement. Thank you for sharing.
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    You just made **** obsolete for a whole lot of people on here. Next time, let us know this thread is NSFW in the post's title. In all seriousness though, the new sticks are gorgeous. Hit 'em well!
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    Great stuff. Play well with them. Now you just need one of their persimmon drivers 👍🏼⛳️
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    That's a beaut Clarke
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    So glad to see craftsmanship is still alive. We have nothing like this in the UK.
  • bladehunterbladehunter Today was a good day... south carolina 30194WRX Points: 6,547Handicap: NONEMembers Posts: 30,194 Titanium Tees
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    my goodness...
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    That 7&4i are perfect! Great work
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    Dude those are so sick ! 😳. I so wish I could play blades ...
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    will never play them as I won't be able to afford them
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  • vinprun71vinprun71 Connecticut 157WRX Points: 71Members Posts: 157 Fairways
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    Those are beauts.
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    I absolutely love the head shapes of the wedges. They look like an extension of the iron set. So **** cool.
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    The comparison pictures should be titled 'No Comparison Pictures'.
  • wmblake2000wmblake2000 Los Angeles 6007WRX Points: 693Members Posts: 6,007 Titanium Tees
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    Easy, I think you also play Callaway Pro MB raw. How would you compare these to your natl custom - playability and feel?
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  • Walter SobchakWalter Sobchak  97WRX Points: 49Members Posts: 97 Fairways
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    Beauty’s...for me the National’s win every profile comparison, congrats on the new babies!
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  • ode1ode1  2997WRX Points: 199Members Posts: 2,997 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #18 the leading edge grind!
  • RedWings1RedWings1 Dunham Hills,Moose Ridge,Huntmoore & Kensington GC's, Michigan 350WRX Points: 66Handicap: 4Members Posts: 350 Greens
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    WOW, just WOW...Beautiful!

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  • GWfoolGWfool  78WRX Points: 23Members Posts: 78 Fairways
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    Simply superb. I love there new cavity backs.
  • pcs11pcs11  1258WRX Points: 197Members Posts: 1,258 Platinum Tees
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    Those are very nice! I'm digging those ferrules!
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  • Ed SettleEd Settle #InsideTMAG  6063WRX Points: 186Handicap: 8.7ClubWRX Posts: 6,063 ClubWRX
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    Those are beautiful, Richard. Don White is an artist for sure.

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    Beauty's...for me the National's win every profile comparison, congrats on the new babies!

    They do look good next to the others. Feel awesome as well. 2 rounds on these and scored really good. Higher CG I think because I am flighting them lower.

    ode1 wrote: the leading edge grind!

    I do to. Makes them more forgiving. I was playing on some fairly soft conditions and felt awesome through the turf.
  • craz-ecraz-e  4301WRX Points: 399Handicap: 3Members Posts: 4,301 Titanium Tees
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    This makes me miss the Scratch SB-1's even more!

    Thanks for posting the ****!
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  • tgoodspe1991tgoodspe1991 New England 1065WRX Points: 364Handicap: +2.8Members Posts: 1,065 Platinum Tees
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    Super cool and one of a kind! Would love to craft my own set.
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  • Kingcat990Kingcat990 European Tailored Golf Socks  4001WRX Points: 303Members Posts: 4,001 Titanium Tees
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    I like the slightly sharper toe. I wished more companies did sharper toes
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  • PreppySlapCutPreppySlapCut This is just babytown frolics...  6572WRX Points: 249Members Posts: 6,572 Titanium Tees
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    Proper. Love the BB&F ferrules, as well.
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  • NC IA HackerNC IA Hacker  135WRX Points: 35Handicap: 10Members Posts: 135 Fairways
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    Love it, awesome pics!
  • tobybeartobybear  1502WRX Points: 95Members, Media Staffer Posts: 1,502 Platinum Tees
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    Couple things here...

    Richard, you are sick club ho and I LOVE it, I thank you for enjoying golf & golf clubs as much as you do, and contributing to the site with stuff like this!

    This is the exact kind of set I would want from NCW if I was to order a set. I have built a couple sets for other people but never one for myself.

    Have fun with those!
  • easyyyeasyyy Founder & Still a Ho Detroit 12429WRX Points: 740Handicap: 4Rules Official, Administrator Posts: 12,429 Marshals
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    Proper. Love the BB&F ferrules, as well.

    Thanks... Patrick worked with me on a custom color but when I saw them in person I didn't like the end result so I went with these off his shelf. Love the contract of the old school tradition and the pop fresh colors.

    The wedges are so good

    The feel of the blades are just simply pure.

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