Ever wonder why Scotty Cameron and others make limited products so hard to get?

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I know a lot of you have wondered over the years why companies like Scotty Cameron (and many others like Bettinardi, Tyson Lamb, etc etc) have marketed their products the way they do with limited quantities released way under what is demanded, exclusive circle T's, etc, well, they are simply following Nike's ingenious ways to create a huge demand, that would otherwise likely never exist (and if it did, to a much lesser degree). <br />
<br />
If you have 5 minutes read this article on how Nike operates. Scotty Cameron pretty much followed their success story and applied it to their products (Putters, headcovers, bags, shirts, hats, etc). This is why a 10 year old 'new' Ping hoofer bag sells for $70-100 and a 10 year old 'new' Scotty Cameron bag sells for $850-2000. <br />
<br />
https://www.highsnobiety.com/2015/06/09/sneaker-resell-market/<br />
<br />
On a side note, Payless was in the news this week of opening a store under a different name and selling their $20-40 shoes for $200-600 in California. It was kind of a mockery of our society but really proved the power of perception. <br />
<br />
Think about all this the next time you rush to buy something at Cameron club or the hive or where ever...do you actually "really" want that item or are you brainwashed to hurry up and buy it due to the rarity of it? <br />
<br />
If it makes you happy, awesome. If you can flip it for a profit, super. But hopefully this will give you a big picture of why they are doing what they are doing, and the power that marketing and perception has on consumers.

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    This one is bound to go off the rails.
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    mackepa wrote:
    <br />
    This one is bound to go off the rails.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I’ll stick around, see where this goes.
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    Is this really news to people though?
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    PT Barnum....
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    Don't know what is sadder ... People need this explained to them in the first place, or that people still buy the products for the inflated prices.
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    tatertot wrote:
    <br />
    Don't know what is sadder ... People need this explained to them in the first place, or that people still buy the products for the inflated prices.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    That the author of the article recently learned this
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    Some of use have lesser funds so buy used and when 2 models old and hence are always 8.5 yards shorter in play (50% of TM's 17 yard yearly gain) .i note my golf shoes are Converse brand and maybe 12 plus years old !
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    Actually that's really not so much like Cameron at all.
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    You can do a lot with a good marketing strategy
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    It works well since golf has a lot of people that have varying ranges of disposable income.
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    Things are worth what people are willing to pay for them.
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    People are just stupid.<br />
    <br />
    Make something expensive and scarce, and people will line up to buy.

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