USPS Receipt Tracking Number Solution

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Hi all,

Just wanted to throw this out there in case someone finds themselves in a similar position in the future.

I am usually able to upload and send the tracking to a buyer immediately but I was in a bit of a rush and did not get around to it before temporarily misplacing the receipt and tracking number. I was unable to go into my office for a few days and wanted to get the buyer the tracking information as quickly as possible.

In the event that you misplace the receipt with tracking number in the future, you can go to the post office and have a clerk look up and re-print your receipt, provided that you know the precise amount of your shipping, date you shipped the package, time of day it was shipped, and zip code. You may need to have the same clerk who helped you with the transaction log into their computer to find the information. Hope this helps if you find yourself in the same situation that I was in!


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    Not sure about anyone else, but if I've got time to go to same USPS and then go through all that other nonsense (pretty sure most of the clerks at my Post Office would look at me like I had 3 heads anyway if I asked for all that), then I've got time to stop in the office (assuming that's were I left it).
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    I’d be satisfied if the seller told me they misplaced the receipt. As long as my item showed up within a day or two of what I’m told, we’re all good.

    That’s a lot of work just to get tracking info (which doesn’t even work all the time).
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    My usps workers look like they want to kill me. I’m happy to just leave alive, no way I’d ask all this!

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    Just setup an account at usps and use click and ship online.

    Then all the information about your shipment will be emailed to you and receipient if requested, as well as being available in your account.

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    I always take a picture of the receipt with the tracking number. Haven’t had it fault me yet

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    BirdieBob wrote:
    Just setup an account at usps and use click and ship online.

    Then all the information about your shipment will be emailed to you and receipient if requested, as well as being available in your account.

    This is the best way to do it. No waiting, no lines, just input the info, size and weight, then drop off and smile as you walk past those waiting in line.
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