Transition Patience

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What are some things you guys do to work on allowing your swing to develop gradually from the end of your back swing so that speed is maximized at the ball. I think Malaska used the analogy of a racecar driver making a harsh turn and the need to accelerate as you turn and not as you enter the turn, less crashing into the wall.

I really try to think of pausing at the top and absolutely no increase in grip pressure at the top, because that is what happens when my hit reflex kicks in. I really think and focus on hitting it SLOW as I begin the downswing.

This is always something that i work on because its **** hard to maintain under pressure and most of my problems in golf begin with trying to hit from the top. I'd say 80% of my issues. Thats why the right arm speeding up swing thoughts that help a lot of folks are death for me.


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    Slowing things down is hard, especially under pressure. Speeding them up is far easier. Speed up your backswing so that you actually have to apply some resistance to get the club going back the other way. Takes the timing aspect out of it but yields the same result of more time in transition without needing to even think about it. Oh yeah, and you may find that you pick up a few yards too image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    Keeping active hands out of the sequence helps. Similar to Malaska's analogy, John Erickson at ABS spoke about going downhill with a manual transmission and the clutch pushed in.
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    I’m a big fan of the GabeGolf swing trainer.
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    Tour tempo...helps a ton.

    Once you've heard the beeps enough, you start repeating them in your head.

    Transition tempo is a ton more about the tempo of the backswing than anything else.

    Sure, hit instinct can still force the club down. But if you're too deliberate or too fast getting to the top you're going to be out of synch on the way down.
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    thanks guys. really appreciate the thoughts
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    what's helping me is the feeling of letting the left wrist bow a little and then just turning hard, there seems to be almost a little pause whilst this happens.
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    I used to have a pretty jerky transition. My last online lesson with Dan he wanted me to work on having my left knee go external while keeping right leg back. Thats how I start my downswing now and on video it looks way smoother from the top because im no longer snatching the club from the top the second i get there.

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