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English Turn versus the Houston Area

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SkeeterSkeeter  905Members Posts: 905
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Heading down to Houston right after Christmas and have the opportunity to play one course. We are looping back through New Orleans on the way home so I was curious if I should play English Turn or a course in the Houston area.

If it is the Houston area, which course would you recommend?

I checked the Texas sub-forum but since this deals with a potential non Texas course I posted it here.



  • txeconomisttxeconomist  256Members Posts: 256
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    I havent played English Turn, but I like Woodforest, Cypresswood Tradition, High Meadow Ranch and Golf Club of Houston in the Houston area. All of these are on the north side of town and are very good golf courses. Haven't played Woodforest in a while but its pretty much always in excellent shape. It has the most consistent conditions in the area IMO.
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  • newbsaucenewbsauce  148Members Posts: 148
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    I can confirm two of those as solid recommendations.

    Cypresswood Tradition is a superb course layout. Unfortunately, the greens aren’t in great shape right now. Played there last weekend. Best value round of golf in Houston Area.

    Golf Club of Houston costs twice as much as Traditions and requires a forecaddie, but it’s where the Houston Open used to be hosted and is always in perfect shape. Best public course in Houston area.

    I’ve heard great things, but never actually played High Meadow Ranch or Woodforest because they’re in Magnolia, which is an hour NW of downtown Houston where I live. The “Houston Area” is extremely sprawled out.

    Avoid Wildcat and Blackhorse if you’re here on a weekend. They’re nice courses but wildly overpriced and always slow and crowded.

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    Love the Tournament course at GCoH
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  • txeconomisttxeconomist  256Members Posts: 256
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    Golf Club of Houston only requires a caddy before noon or whatever the time is.
  • ceejay81ceejay81 Love that chicken from Popeyes! Washington, DC 1944Members Posts: 1,944
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    I bought a golf bag off ebay a couple months ago with an English Turn logo. I'm voting you play that course based on my golf bag.
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  • gr00vetechgr00vetech  500Members Posts: 500
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    Skip English Turn. Nothing in Nola is any good currently
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  • Tommyboy4747Tommyboy4747  23Members Posts: 23
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    I play at English Turn pretty often and would recommend playing in Houston. It has been raining a lot and it’s soggy and not in best shape.
  • TravelingGolfSticksTravelingGolfSticks TX 574Members Posts: 574
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    If the Golf Club of Houston overseeded than that would be no doubt the best course that time of year. Cypreswood Traditions is always a solid choice. Like newbsauce stated, Wildcat and BlackHorse can take more than the average round on the weekend and aren't as good as value, although I still like the highlands at Wildcat and the South course at BlackHorse.

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  • SkeeterSkeeter  905Members Posts: 905
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    Playing GCofHouston.

    No forecaddie required after 11:00.

    $80 for 18 and a cart.

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