Cleveland 588 Diadic 53 Wedge

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I've had a Cleveland 588 53 degree diadic gap wedge in my bag for 15+ years now. It's served me well, and I view it as one of the more versatile wedges I've ever used. Works well anywhere from 110 yards in, can open it up to add a bit of loft around the green, or close it down to hit low runners. This club is a large part of why chipping / pitching are the strongest parts of my game.

While I love this club, its grooves are definitely worn, and since I've added a new set of irons, think I could benefit from adding a 50 / 54 set up to my bag. Wondering if anyone has recommendations for new / recent wedges that are similar to the 588 diadic? I have a Vokey SM5 58 degree for my sand / lob wedge, which I like, but the head feels a little clunky and less versatile than the diadic (may not be the case, but that's my feel), and I’d like to have some versatility in the new 50 / 54.

Thanks in advance.


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    I have one in garage, sole I'd just normal full sole

    I really dont think wedges have changed a whole lot thru years

    Find one to copy it best you can

    I have set of Cleveland 588 they released a few years ago seem fairly similar and are cheap.....I do hate the cleveland engraving on sole tho as it cakes with dirt
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    The diadic was a special club. The 588 rtg had a great reputation back in the day. On par with vokey in today's world.

    Closest you can get from Cleveland would be these:

    If you are more of a digger go with the 52 and bend 1 degree weak, if your a picker go 54 and bend one strong.
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    Man I loooooved that wedge, bagged for years as well. It was awesome for low growlers

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    cardoustie wrote:

    Man I loooooved that wedge, bagged for years as well. It was awesome for low growlers

    What does low growlers mean?

    I have this same wedge in my "other" bag. The wedge looks very large and the grooves are quite worn as is the grip. I'm thinking of putting in my back with my G400 irons.

    It's just that I've hit so many great shots with my X-Jaws wedges that it's hard to take them out of the bag.

    Since I tend to come up short 80% of the time on chips and pitches, I like the idea of using a 53 instead of a 56 wedge.
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    53 and 57 were a great pair

    Buy another?

    Im using a 2008ish 54 SM Vokey!!!and its nice
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    That was an awesome wedge, RIP to that beauty, correct me if i'm wrong but I think that wedge in on the non-conforming list?!?! I don't much care, I still play the TM TP wedges which are on there too.....
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    I grabbed one at a thrift store for $3.99 recently. I had the 53/57 setup a few years ago and loved it, but got rid of them. Gonna use the TA588 Diadic 53 in my 6 club minimalist setup.

    To answer your question, my "gamer" wedges are Cobra King satins with their V-grind (Versatile), and I was kinda surprised at how similar the 53 felt as far as weight and head size/shape. I'll see if I can get some comparison pictures tonight to see if they're as similar as my brain thinks they are.
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    I loved both the 53 and the 56 degree 588’s and they were staples of my bag for many years.
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    Find a 588 53* with Tour Zip Grooves, old wedge you love, conforms to the new rules. Best of both worlds.
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    Loved that 53 degree wedge. Had 3 of them from about 1998. Finally replaced it when I moved to the rtx 2.0 wedges a couple of years ago.

    The conforming tour zip grooves version was the best version of this I tried. There's a 53 and 58 set on eBay in good condition (reahafted with vokey DGs).

    The 58 tour only version of the original 588 shape was a really special wedge too. Made a great combination!
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    in my bag 15 yrs it!
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    Classic, timeless wedge.

    Was in a lot of tour bags back in the day, including Tiger's.
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    Just put one in the bag for my 12 club setup with 46/53/60° wedges. It rules.

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    I just bought a really great shape 60* 588 RTG. They are great wedges.

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